(65) Finally……………….a response from the Crown Prosecution Service

What about this promise of my concerns raised to the CPS being taken seriously? I had received no update despite being told about the meeting taking place on 10th July. I didn’t want to contact the CPS unnecessarily due to being served papers for gross misconduct, having done so previously. I asked my ‘point ofContinue reading “(65) Finally……………….a response from the Crown Prosecution Service”

(64) Back to work (a very short blog)

And so…after some considerable time away from work, on 01/08/18 I returned hoping that West Mercia Police were genuinely working towards getting to the bottom of what happened and providing the long overdue answers that Jane and I, (as well as ‘Andy’) deserved. Oh……and a long overdue apology!! I was ,by no means, completely wellContinue reading “(64) Back to work (a very short blog)”

(63) Following advice from Legal Services

Following my emails to DCI Middleton, on 9th July 2018 DS Nicholas Husbands emailed me to clarify his position. And so………It would appear from what DS Husbands had said that DS Wells had not been spoken to about Christmas Day with CPS Prosecutor, Stephen Davies, despite me reporting this a year and a half earlier!Continue reading “(63) Following advice from Legal Services”

(61) Simple requests given the runaround

Now I think of myself as being a fairly patient person. I had waited a long time to have my name cleared of any wrongdoing during this investigation. Why were Professional Standards so reluctant to give me the information I was entitled to see. Surely they would want to show that their actions to dateContinue reading “(61) Simple requests given the runaround”

(58) DS Husbands allowed to investigate himself!

And so now, after nearly two years, were the police going to charge the suspects in the animal cruelty case? Well, not just yet apparently! Following Jane’s email to DS Husbands on 7th March 2018, asking for her complaint about the warrant to be reviewed by the IOPC, on 04/04/18 she received this email fromContinue reading “(58) DS Husbands allowed to investigate himself!”

(57) Misconduct Appeal Meeting

My Misconduct Appeal meeting with Deputy Chief Constable Amanda Blakeman was due to take place on 29th March, 2018. This would deal with what I believed was going to be the last of the conduct issues against me. On 28/03/18, Jane emailed DS Nicholas Husbands………… And the following morning, he responded again…… And so onContinue reading “(57) Misconduct Appeal Meeting”

(56) Response to my Appeal to Management Action

And finally on 16th March 2018, 10 months after having been served the notice for Gross Misconduct for contacting the Crown Prosecution Service with a public interest concern, I received the following………………. So, Deputy Chief Constable Amanda Blakeman was satisfied that there were arguable grounds for appealing Superintendent Richard Long’s finding of Misconduct against me.Continue reading “(56) Response to my Appeal to Management Action”