(62) Hi Rich

Time was quickly moving on. DI Martin Taylor had retired as a police officer but returned immediately into a civilian role, no doubt ‘given’ to him by the same senior officers who had given him ‘Protection’ during the course of these events.

During the whole process of this fiasco that had taken place, it was on the forefront of my mind that the Whistleblowing issue had been sidestepped by senior officers in West Mercia Police and this really needed to be addressed to protect not only myself, but my work colleagues.

On 29th June 2018 I sent the following email to Fed Rep 3.

And he responded……

And Jane had a response to her request to see a copy of her complaint. But PSD seemed hell bent on making sure she didn’t get to see the actual complaint to the IOPC which they wrote on her ‘behalf’!

Sounds as though they were going to be very thorough!!!!,

On 30th June 2018 I received an email from DS Nicholas Husbands which made me all the more confused!!

Hi Rich! That is ‘rich’ coming from him!

So DS Husbands still wasn’t clear about what my concerns were! Really?

On 4th July I received this email from DS Husbands.

Seems like I was going to have to spell this out for him ……….all over again!!!

And so……….it appeared to me that DCI Middleton, who had originally appeared to be the sort of genuine, honest and helpful officer that the reasonable members of the public and police officers would be proud to see on our Professional Standards Department had been….got to……for want of a better phrase. She had somehow lost her professionalism and integrity. Was she comfortable with what she was saying?

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4 thoughts on “(62) Hi Rich

  1. This is exactly what these people do , they never give you a straight answer. They are NOT to be trusted ,there word I’m afraid means NOTHING unless there is something that will be of benefit to them . I now understand how these people work, they only support anything if there is personal gain involved. We made a massive mistake in ever listening to there lies and false promises when they were campaigning to get into parliament. 😡😡😡😡👎👹👿

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  2. Richard, can we assimilate that it was you as the driver of the car (ignore the Chief Constable character)

    Surely this would and could not happen.

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  3. I like Mr Mc sense of humor he always makes you smile after reading about the incompetence or deliberate time-wasting of the senior officers trying to cover up crimes that I can only guess they support. Is that the training video for West Mercia Police

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  4. What a shame; DCI Anna Middleton showed such promise at first… The corruption and silencing within certain organisations is breathtaking.


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