(55) The meeting with Jane.

So…………..where was I? ……………….. On 7th March, Jane sent an email to DS Nicholas Husbands, copying in his boss, DCI Middleton. Jane was as determined as me to get answers about what had happened. And this was a reasonable request. And West Mercia would want to be seen to be honest, open and transparent…………..if theyContinue reading “(55) The meeting with Jane.”

(54) Please accept my sincerest apologies

I want to give you all another very big thank you for sticking with my blog. I also want to apologise for making you read the same account over and over again. I know, it’s probably been painful and arduous at times. And this is what it felt like for me during the previous 14Continue reading “(54) Please accept my sincerest apologies”

(53) Noble cause corruption.

For those of you who have seen the film, ‘Hot Fuzz’, you will be familiar with the phrase, ‘It’s for the greater good’. But…that’s exactly where it belongs…..in a comedy film. Not in real life modern policing. But as you have seen, it was sadly, very much present in the justice agencies involved in thisContinue reading “(53) Noble cause corruption.”

(52) Disclosure issues

So, just to make it absolutely clear. There was NO further information in September 2017 to justify getting a warrant, than there was in October, 2016, nearly a year before. So who would have known beforehand that the warrant was going to be executed? My sergeant? DC Cleeton?DS Wells? possibly not. DI Martin Taylor?Chief InspectorContinue reading “(52) Disclosure issues”

(51) The Warrant Application

Assumptions, stereotypes and prejudice ‘We all carry assumptions, stereotypes and prejudices; they are part of our natural make up and relate to attitudes and the way we make sense of things. It is not unlawful to be prejudiced or to make assumptions or to carry stereotypes It is impossible not to! The danger of applyingContinue reading “(51) The Warrant Application”

(50) Freedom of Information requests

Remember these from earlier? Blog (2) Lastly, in 2015 in an attempt to help ‘legitimise’ one of our local hunt monitor groups, I came up with an idea to help them. I explained the problems with ‘police officer brains’ seeing ‘sabs’ with dark clothes, looking sinister, covering their faces. Essentially, hunt monitors were just theContinue reading “(50) Freedom of Information requests”

(48) Appeal against finding of misconduct

And so the battle would continue!!! On 14th December 2017 Jane sent the following to DS Nicholas Husbands in respect of her email sent to the Chief Constable on 29th November. She had not received a response. And DS Husbands’s response….. And then this….. And Jane received this letter from Detective Chief Inspector Paley. So,Continue reading “(48) Appeal against finding of misconduct”

(47) Misconduct Meeting.

I had a response from the CPS reference my Freedom of Information request. Nope, couldn’t see anything in there about CPS Prosecutors holding confidential or sensitive case conferences with police! On 6th December, 2017 I had my Misconduct Meeting with Warwickshire Superintendent 230200 Richard Long. As well as my Regulation 22 response I had alreadyContinue reading “(47) Misconduct Meeting.”

(46) Preparation for my Misconduct meeting

We are nearly at 60000 hits now on this site which is more than I could ever have imagined. Many thanks to you all for your kind words of support which has helped me on this journey. But let’s also remind ourselves of what this was about. Fox cubs being thrown alive, to a packContinue reading “(46) Preparation for my Misconduct meeting”