(45) Connections with NFU Mutual

But were there any other links between NFU Mutual at Ross on Wye and The South Hereford Hunt? And any links between PC Christine Watkins and the suspect, Alex Price? Well, they were friends on social media. Good friends by the look of it! And so, I will leave you to draw your own conclusionsContinue reading “(45) Connections with NFU Mutual”

(44) Misconduct Papers. Exposing the missing link. (4th Conduct Notice)

On Monday 13th November 2017, DS Nicholas Husbands and PSD Officer, Wendy Elliot attended my home address. DS Husbands served me with the following Misconduct notice. So, let’s look at the wording used, ‘you spoke to ‘Andy’, a witness in the case and discussed elements of that meeting with her’. Does this make it clear,Continue reading “(44) Misconduct Papers. Exposing the missing link. (4th Conduct Notice)”

(42) “I’ve got your life in my hands”

At the end of my interview on 20th September I told DI Justin TAYLOR that I was going to have to now go home and explain to Jane that I had again been questioned about having an affair. I said that I wanted him to phone my wife and explain to her what evidence theyContinue reading “(42) “I’ve got your life in my hands””

(41) ‘Andy’s’ Warrant

A tiny percentage of people in this country have court warrants served on their addresses. But how many people reporting crime or indeed, the victims of crime would expect in doing so to end up with the invasive and harrowing experience of strangers rooting through your property without your permission…….and making you watch! It wouldContinue reading “(41) ‘Andy’s’ Warrant”

(40) Criminally Interviewed and………… (3rd Conduct Notice)

Malfeasance (Misconduct) in Public Office. A person who; 1. Whilst carrying out their duties as a public officer 2. wilfully a. acts in an improper manner, or b. neglects to perform their duty 3. to such an extent as to amount to an abuse of public trust 4. without reasonable excuse or justification Just toContinue reading “(40) Criminally Interviewed and………… (3rd Conduct Notice)”

(39) Code B of The Police and Criminal Evidence Act.

Executing a search warrant on somebody’s address, particularly their home address is an extremely serious matter and this cannot be overstated.. Very strict rules are in place for obtaining warrants from courts and these are set out in Code B of The Police and Criminal Evidence Act. (PACE) Please bear with me while I highlightContinue reading “(39) Code B of The Police and Criminal Evidence Act.”

(37) Danger to the Organisation

Police officers are not allowed to make complaints, therefore the only recourse they have when things go wrong, is through the grievance procedure and so you would hope it is fit for purpose ensuring that people are confident in using it. Any police officers out there feeling confident, having read this? No, no, I didn’tContinue reading “(37) Danger to the Organisation”