(16) My Grievance

Following the ‘interview’ at Hereford Police Station, I went home still in a mixture of shock and rage. I explained to my wife, Jane, what had happened. She was, completely understandably, anxious and confused. Surely, a senior detective would not be asking these questions unless there was some credible information or evidence behind it? WasContinue reading “(16) My Grievance”

(15) Answers to the questions.

False imprisonment occurs when a person intentionally restricts another person’s movement within any area without legal authority, justification or consent. Actual physical restraint is not necessary for false imprisonment to occur, – wikipedia. So, as I previously said, having been taken to this small office with three supervisors surrounding me in an overbearing situation, IContinue reading “(15) Answers to the questions.”

(13) Commended, then Ostracized!

Can I just start this blog by thanking every one of you for your support to date. There have been many compelling and professional comments and we are now at over twenty thousand views. (I appreciate that a fair number of these will be the police)!! Keep watching, sharing and following as the story getsContinue reading “(13) Commended, then Ostracized!”

(12) The turning point.

During the meeting with Stephen Davies at Hereford Police Station it had been suggested that the remaining masters of the SHH should be interviewed about this offence. Having been the only investigating officer until this point, and having slept on the suggestion of this, on 26th July 2016 I sent the following email to theContinue reading “(12) The turning point.”

(11) The Meeting with Stephen Davies

On Monday 25th July 2016 I attended Hereford Police Station for the meeting with Stephen Davies, a senior prosecutor for the CPS. Also in attendance was DI Taylor, DS Wells and DC Cleeton. At the beginning of the meeting, Stephen Davies said that what was discussed should not be talked about anywhere else, which confusedContinue reading “(11) The Meeting with Stephen Davies”

(10) My Help and Support.

My first face to face contact with CID was on 17th July 2016, two weeks after that had first contacted me. I was asked to go to Hereford Police Station where I saw Detective Constable Cleeton who had initially contacted me and his supervisor, Detective Sergeant Wells. DS Wells asked me what the police incidentContinue reading “(10) My Help and Support.”

(8) My Investigation (Part 3)

I’ve been asked about the search at the kennels following the arrest of Rose and its validity! As previously stated I suspected there was a good chance that further fox cubs could have been taken to the kennels and would end up suffering a cruel and terrifying death in the same way that first fourContinue reading “(8) My Investigation (Part 3)”