So, given the obvious conflict of interests of both Stephen Davies and DS Beth Wells, was CI FRANCIS going to step up the the plate and have these matters addressed? No, no she wasn’t!

Because surely, a formal investigation would have to take place as a result of the information I had given?

Nicely batted back there Superintendent THOMAS. Seems like no one wanted to pick up this hot potato!!

Things were not looking hopeful for my grievance outcome !!

6 thoughts on “(21) C I FRANCIS

  1. Anyone who can harm a innocent wild animal that CANOT defend itself in my books are nothing but PURE EVIL SCUM. With absolutely NO regard for life . They should be PROSECUTED and given a CUSTODIAL sentence and also given a HEFTY fine. There is absolutely NO place in today’s society for such unnecessary and unacceptable behaviour. Hit them in there pockets HARD. Anyone found protecting these people SHOULD be named and shamed. Let’s ALL see just who these people are. 😡😡😡👎👎👎👿👹

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  2. I wonder if any American news channels might want to pick this up? The British media probably won’t touch it with a barge pole but if an American outlet reported on it, it would surely get into the British mainstream media then?

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  3. I’m following a lot of sab pages and every single day there is illegal killing going on.

    Today in my newsfeed came a report that the Oakley Hunt killed yesterday in Sherington in Bucks. Beds and Bucks Hunt Sabs received a tip-off that they were out hunting and found the huntsman casting hounds into a covert (clearly not trail-hunting as who would lay a trail through a copse?). The hounds went into cry, chasing an exhausted fox in front of a small team of Hunt riders who sat on their backsides, watched and laughed as the poor, defenceless, defeated creature was killed in front of their eyes. Is that not just the sickest thing? What kind of human thinks that’s amusing? One that has zero respect for any animal or human. Potential serial killers in the making…

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    1. That’s all trail hunting is, am excuse to go out ‘real’ hunting. Fortunately people are waking up to this, and taking action. Just keep informing people. It’s all we have to do. The vast majority are appalled by it, they just don’t know it is still happening.

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  4. There’s no such thing as trail hunting. I’m part of Beds & Bucks Sabs and the Oakley hunt never lay trails, ever. It’s only down to our presence that more animals aren’t killed, we dread to think what goes on when we aren’t present and remember, this goes on several times a week all over the country.

    This is by definition organised crime and in many places the police are party to it.

    My own investigations turned up this little beauty: https://morethanjustbadgers.net/2018/06/04/this-explains-a-lot/

    Our local police have improved hugely however the same can’t be said for elsewhere in the country.

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  5. Where does the RSPCA stand in all of this, I don’t understand their role anymore, an animal is a animal, wild or otherwise. Why is NOBODY doing ANYTHING?


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