(38) The Warrants

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At 8am on Monday 18th September 2017 I was at home with Jane. We were still in our pyjamas. The doorbell rang and we went downstairs to see who it was. Four plain clothes detectives from Kidderminster CID had attended our house with warrants to search our house and vehicles registered to our address including my daughters vehicle.

At least one of the detectives had gone to the back door of our house! Did they think I was going to run away?

(Note on page 2, the warrants were not signed)! What is also worthy of note is the wording where the Hunt Investigation Team has been renamed the Anti-Hunt Investigation Team. Whether or not this was a conscious decision to change the name, it puts a negative connotation on the members!

I didn’t know any of the officers. The officer in charge of the search was Detective Sergeant Craig Tennant. He looked uncomfortable from the moment he arrived. He explained what they had been asked to seize. They took my mobile phone, two laptop computers, (including Jane’s personal laptop), our tower computer and all of the paperwork I had collated in respect of the investigations into me. (He did ask if any of the paperwork was subject to legal privilege but I told him to take whatever he wanted, as I had nothing to hide). During the search, DS Tennant apologised to us, saying that he wasn’t comfortable doing it. He said that we worked for a disciplined organisation and he said that they had been ordered to do it.I asked him who had ordered them and he replied, Mark Travis. (Mark Travis was, and I think still is the Chief Superintendent).

DS Tennant told me that they required me to attend a police station to be voluntarily interviewed for the criminal offences of Malfeasance in a Public Office and Breach of the Data Protection Act.

The officers then left having removed our belongings. Jane and I were left stunned and silent. The last time I had been left feeling this way was after a burglary at my home many years earlier. This just felt like legalised burglary. What were they doing and who was behind it all?

3 thoughts on “(38) The Warrants

  1. sadly none of this is a surprise. Every post I read rings the same chords. My heart goes out to you as we have been through a similar mill. I’m surprised they didn’t try to do you for harassment when you wrote asking questions. I am so sorry you have had to go through this


  2. OMG, they actually descended on your home with a WARRANT. Being the lay person that I am, my take on this action is that they must have unearthed further evidence to instigate such a decision. But why should this be the case when up to now they have said and praised you for the hard and dedicated work that you carried out concerning the Hunt and the Fox Cubs etc. Or was the un-named informer at it again???
    The 4 Detectives who came to your home, sounds to me that they were out of their comfort zone and DS Tennant felt a degree of compassion for you and your wife and offered you an apology and went on to inform you both that they had been ORDERED to carry out the warrant.
    Once again my lay person view kicks in and asks the question…….. are officers normally ORDERED when they are sent out on warrants???? Or are they just selected and sent in a normal and routine fashion. If I was to get my crystal ball out again it might just tell me that the warrant was endorsed on 14 Sept 2017 but UNSIGNED (is this the norm?). I can then envisage some of the chat among the Kidderminster Detectives over that weekend debating if the warrant was legal as it was UNSIGNED. However looks like Rank then stepped in and ORDERED the warrant.

    Once again you did not obstruct any of their actions and told them to take whatever they liked as you had nothing to hide…… they left your home and left you both feeling like CRIMINALS.
    SHAME ON YOU WEST MERCIA, these people are hard working and dedicated Public Servants who are innocents but you choose instead to make their lives a total misery.
    What are your motives WEST MERCIA, why the persucussion?

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  3. That is outrageous!
    This whole blog should be in the press! The whole thing!
    I just really feel for you and hope you are both coping with how all of this must have left you feeling. X

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