(66) Corruption at the top.

Well, things have now got a little quieter at home and the weather has cooled. I have sorted through the documents sent to me recently, as a result of my subject access request earlier this year. As previously stated, the documents have been heavily redacted and names of all other police officers have also been redacted! (For some reason)!

It does make a little more sense of what happened and who made the decision to obtain the warrant and to criminally investigate me.

First I will take you back to (blog 14), 3rd December 2016 where I received the email with the false allegation of an affair. You will recall that I sent an email to Superintendent Susan THOMAS and DI Martin Taylor asking for assurance that the false allegation would be investigated. Does that sound like someone who had something to hide?

Then on 5th December 2016 when I was unlawfully interviewed by DI Martin Taylor. You will recall, I fully cooperated in the interview and answered all questions put to me. During the interview I told DI Martin Taylor that I wanted the false allegation of the second affair to be investigated fully by CID and his response, “ No we won’t. I don’t care about that”! (Blog 15). Immediately after this interview, (having been told I could not leave the police station), I wrote a statement answering all of the questions that I had been asked. Does that sound like someone who wasn’t going to cooperate?

My grievance submission after this unlawful interview where I am asking for what happened to be investigated. (Blog 16). Does that sound like someone who was trying to be underhanded?

The crimes of harassment that Jane and I reported to get the matter investigated properly……..and the reluctance of West Mercia Police to actually record and investigate those crimes until we insisted on it. Does that sound like someone who would refuse to allow his phone to be examined or someone who would obstruct the investigation?

And so, to the new documents I have received…..

The above is an extract from my Professional Standards investigation into me. After he interviewed me and I gave my statement on 05/12/16, DI Martin Taylor phoned Professional Standards to update them that he is “satisfied that it is a performance matter”.
And so no further action was being taken by PSD in relation to this.

And as you will recall, on 4th May 2017, Superintendent Kevin Purcell upheld my grievance against DI Martin Taylor saying that he was a danger to the organisation. (Blog 30).

Well, a month after my grievance was upheld against him, DI Martin Taylor sent this report to his DCI……!!!,

But DI TAYLOR, what about your phone call to PSD as above on 7th December? Surely this would ring alarm bells with his DCI, Superintendent Susan Thomas and Professional Standards, as he had just had a grievance upheld against him? What new information or evidence did he have? Hadn’t all of this already been looked at? Or perhaps…..this was just revenge!

But on 20th June 2017 an Operation Childer CIMM meeting was held to discuss it.

So that’s definitely Chief Superintendent Mark Travis and Superintendent Susan THOMAS at the top. Probably DI Martin Taylor (CID, Herefordshire LPAE) and probably DS Nicholas Husbands from PSD.

But, would I be served any notice to say that I was to be investigated yet again? Well, a further CIMM meeting took place to clarify that!!

A decision was made to commission an independent police review of the Operation Childer investigation and the allegations/concerns being raised by DI Martin Taylor about me. Inspector Justin TAYLOR of Worcester CID, (no relation to Martin) was asked to carry out this review. He was assisted by DS Craig Tennant of Kidderminster CID, who more specifically looked at the concerns regarding myself. On 20th July 2017 DI Justin TAYLOR sent the conclusions of his review in a report to Chief Superintendent Mark Travis.

Heavily redacted but the conclusion is clear that there is no evidence of any criminal conduct by myself.

Also worth noting is that it was in the above report to Mark Travis that DI Justin TAYLOR included the below information from blog 52.

As the matter was also being investigated as a potential conduct issue (not that I had been made aware)!!, DI Justin TAYLOR also sent his report to Professional Standards. On 4th August 2017 Detective Chief Inspector Dave Goosen sent the following report to Chief Superintendent Mark Travis.

So……no conduct and no criminal issues. Why was a warrant executed then?

‘If the force continues to seek avenues to discredit RBS or every single decision/action he took or question every movement/relationship with those involved in the investigation, then I believe we are not being proportionate or fair to RBS”.

The above sentence remember is from the Chief Inspector responsible for looking at professional standards within the police. So, what do you think Chief Superintendent Mark Travis’s response was?

On 11th August 2017 Chief Superintendent Travis sent this email out to what was obviously many recipients including Superintendent Susan THOMAS. It is heavily redacted but I believe he gave the instruction in this email to obtain warrants despite being told that obtaining warrants was ‘not justified, proportionate or necessary due to the passage of time’

Why did he ignore DI Justin TAYLOR who presumably had the accreditation and ability to review a criminal investigation? Why did he ignore DCI Goosen who had already reviewed the ‘case’ against me on at least two occasions? Why did he ignore the advice that obtaining warrants would not be justified? Why indeed!

Why didn’t any of the senior officers, including Superintendent Susan THOMAS and those on Professional Standards, point out that obtaining a warrant would be impossible, given the serious disclosure issues? And based on what you have read above, why oh why did DI Justin TAYLOR tell Birmingham Magistrates Court that there were NO disclosure issues?

On 17th August 2017, DI Justin TAYLOR sent this email to DCI Mel Paley where, because of the ‘direction’, (Order I think) from Mark Travis, he made a complete U turn!

And on 22nd August 2017 DCI Paley sent the below email to DI Justin TAYLOR.

On 5th September there was a further CIMM meeting as follows.

Funny, no mention of Mark Travis’s order of the criminal investigation. This makes it sound as though it was DI Justin Taylor’s decision!!

And, of course on 18th September 2017 the warrants were executed, not only on our house, but that of one of the victim’s in this case, ‘Andy’.

And if you remember when I wrote about the warrant I said that DS Craig Tennant was apologetic, saying he didn’t feel comfortable but that they had been ‘ordered’ to do the warrant by Mark Travis! (Something that he has since denied)!

Where oh where are these officer’s integrity’s? Any one of them could be involved in the decision making of the next very serious crime that happens. This is extremely worrying. I believe that some of the officers, including Chief Superintendent Mark Travis has acted criminally in perverting the course of justice and that West Mercia Police have decided to ignore this/ cover it up.

But wait, someone told me that Mark Travis is no longer a Superintendent and he had left West Mercia. For one moment I thought he’d been asked to resign or been fired…..you guessed it, he’s been promoted to Acting Chief Constable of South Wales Police!!!!

6 thoughts on “(66) Corruption at the top.

  1. I hate to think how these people would investigate a complex case, as it seems someone has gone beyond the cause to stop the criminal investigation, I can understand they would have to look into the Affair allegations, but if investigated properly they must have found it come from Hunt – NFU. I despair if this is the best senior police we have, I also wonder how much more time was spent investigating the animal cruelty, or did they all just go to the hunt ball?


  2. Why the hell did Travis not believe his officers who were clearly telling him that “there is no evidence” & what part of “not justified, proportionate or necessary due to the passage of time” did he not understand?

    One little snippet that must not be glossed over,,,,,,, 5th Sept 2017, 4th floor Conference Room, “there were no questions regarding RBS’s welfare”. Says it all I suppose, couldn’t give a monkeys.
    Shame on you all, throwing this officers career away, throwing it to the dogs in a similar way that the Fox cubs were thrown to the hounds.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How ironic that Mark Travis used the policing equivalent of a sledge hammer in an alleged bid to establish whether Richard was guilty of either ‘incompetence’ or ‘criminality.’ Because anyone who’s been following this blog (who is not Mark Travis), will be asking the exact same question about him. Were MT’s actions the result of professional incompetence – or criminal intent, the main objective being to alter the course of the original investigation? Or perhaps, as an unnamed anti-hunt protester may have said in a pub somewhere before lockdown, MT had an improper relationship – or two – with a member of a certain cabal that thinks throwing live fox cubs to packs of dogs is a legitimate or sporting activity? Of course, there may not be a shred of credible evidence to support the latter, but a search warrant needs to carried out on his home address all the same!
    That these documents are allowed to be obscured so heavily just goes to show that, despite all the public enquiries and pblic criticism, policing organisations in the UK still lack transparency and accountability, and are still attracting individuals who go into the profession for all the wrong reasons, choosing which laws to enforce and who they apply to, which amounts to a flagrant abuse of power.
    In the meantime, best of luck to the people (and the wildlife) of South Wales!


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