(8) My Investigation (Part 3)

I’ve been asked about the search at the kennels following the arrest of Rose and its validity! As previously stated I suspected there was a good chance that further fox cubs could have been taken to the kennels and would end up suffering a cruel and terrifying death in the same way that first fourContinue reading “(8) My Investigation (Part 3)”

(5) The HIT Investigation

https://www.facebhttps://www.facebook.com/huntinvestigationteam/ook.com/huntinvestigationteam If I’m honest, at the start I still hadn’t completely got my head around what had happened and how HIT had ended up secretly filming at the SHH kennels. But here it is… HIT had received information that live foxes were being kept on site at the kennels. They also had information that aContinue reading “(5) The HIT Investigation”