(1) My first Blog

Virgin blogging technophobe so please bear with me.

In 2016 The Hunt Investigation Team (HIT) exposed animal cruelty at The South Hereford Hunt kennels in Herefordshire. Live fox cubs were being put to the hounds at the kennels in, presumably what was some barbaric attempt to give the hounds a taste for foxes, certainly a taste to kill.

The HIT team had obtained overwhelming video evidence, secretly filmed, of the offences along with the bodies of two fox cubs killed by the hounds at the hands of members of the hunt.

The HIT were of a mind initially not to report this directly to the police as, (because of previous negative experiences), they had no faith that justice would be served. They were apparently going to report it directly to the public through the press. However, this would likely mean that no prosecutions would take place……..and this is where I come into the story.

I had been a police constable for some 27 years, at that time working as the Safer Neighbourhoods Officer for the Ross on Wye area. I had gained some trust from some of the local ‘Hunt Monitors’ as being someone who dealt with things fairly and impartially.

The HIT made the cautious decision and asked if I would investigate the offences which I commenced on 28th May, 2016.

My investigation over the following 6 weeks went very well, perhaps too well in hindsight……….and I was removed from the case!

Over the following three years my family and I were subjected to the most stressful time of our lives in a series of bizarre events and accusations. Throughout this time I was silenced as a serving officer, punished as I attempted to blow the whistle, in fear that someone in power was orchestrating the end of my career. What also became apparent was I believe the sinister attempt by the criminal justice institutions to collapse the case rather than bring those responsible to trial.

Now retired I am free to give my evidenced account of what happened, of incredulous institutional prejudice and corruption which perhaps ended my career in naive disbelief that this behaviour still exists within the organisations that the public should be able to trust. Some of you will find what happened truly shocking, something that may have happened in years gone by…..but surely not now. How is it possible?

I will evidence how Birmingham Magistrates Court was deliberately mislead by a senior detective and of how he and other senior officers have been protected by the ‘organisation’ because of their ranks.

Most worryingly, West Mercia Police Professional Standards Department, the very people that officers and the public should be able to trust, were at the heart of this corruption and are still in place.

Having tried and failed time and time again to get these organisations to recognise failings…and simply apologise for those failings, it is now time to expose the truth to you, the people who pay for them and the people who have every right to expect the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct from them.

I will make no apologies for naming people, as I believe exposing them is in the public interest. Miscarriages of justice have taken place by senior figures and nobody has been held accountable. Further injustices will no doubt take place if those in power do not or are not willing to listen.

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12th Jan 2020

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foxcubscruelty12th Jan 2020


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57 thoughts on “(1) My first Blog

      1. Thank for your continued courage, I’m relieved that truth is not being hidden by corruption and vested interest. I need to believe in the law, that it holds good for all. To see the illegality of hunting, and the practices used to maintain that illegality is profoundly depressing. We can’t let decent society be driven backwards by cruelty

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    1. Thankyou we’ve being saying for years how the corruption is there ..20years or more we’ve personally stopped our local hunt coming on our land..we had a visit from one member of the hunt on our door step last year saying they were trail hunting the next day we said that was a lie and sent him packing..we both feel this is getting out of hand and has to be stopped ..how do w do it?? Keep on fighting them ..thankyou once again for your honest report..anything we can do we will..keep fighting …them…contact me on messenger if needed

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  1. As a virgin monitor I am shocked with what you have said previously, I Monitor the grove and Rufford hunt with a retired male senior church of police and her husband a retired judge who red gently went to court, cried like a baby and if course found not guilty, he was never going to be found guilty by his peers.


  2. It’s great that you are putting your case forward at last, but be careful when naming names. Knowing you as I do I know you will have taken legal advice, stick to it and try not to make your blogs too emotionally charged. There are people out there who will not be on your side so be prepared for some verbal abuse. Good luck my friend, I will follow with interest.

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  3. What a well written blog, showing the facts from the “other” side. Keep it up. The truth needs to be out there.


  4. Thank you for standing up for the vulnerable. If the police don’t do it, who can, you’ve restored my faith in humanity 🦊


  5. Very much looking forward to your next blog . Wish you success in exposing the corruption that allows hunting with hounds to continue almost unhindered …


  6. I’m looking forward to hearing the truth of this most shocking case, thank you for doing this for our precious wildlife.


  7. Thank you for standing up for truth and justice and being loyal to these attributes which are becoming quite rare in these times. Thank you for your courage, I pray it might challenge and change things especially for the poor foxes


  8. Thank you…animals don’t have voices …those that speak up for them are the people i admire most and have much respect for


  9. Thank you so much for having the gumption to write these events. The public need to be made aware of just how corrupt the police and CPS are.


  10. It’s a matter of great concern that we still hear of police corruption and abuse of power…. as in the Manchester child abuse scandal and also here. I’m reminded of the words and work of Sir Robert Mark (‘In The Office Of Constable’)in rooting out corrupt police practices, and reckon we need more like him….. and you.


  11. Thank you so much for this. As we work to combat illegal fox hunting and encounter police and judicial bias people don’t believe us. We are so grateful to you for blowing the whistle on this and showing it how it is


  12. I learnt the hard way about whistleblowing and how it ends your career. I was an NHS employee. I’m disgusted that you have had this horror to go through too. But thank you. Thank you for having the courage to stand up for foxes. My local hunt release bagged cubs. I hate the bloody lot of them.


    1. Many thanks for your support. As the blog progresses people will see how very senior police officers and Managers in the CPS not only ignored my whistleblowing concerns, but indeed decided to punish me for it.


  13. Thank you so much. You are a hero. I had lost faith in the justice system in this country because of this, I have written to my MP, got no response. Thank goodness there are still some honest police officers who will stand up to this barbaric and illegal past time.


    1. Thank you for your support. HIT are the true heroes in this. I just want to help raise awareness of the corruption that is very much still out there. Subscribe and you will be kept updated as the story unfolds.


  14. Never give up I have been fighing against blood sports for 40 years and very little has changed and it won’ until we have a truly Socialist, caring government in place. A lot of police forces throughout the UK act as the unofficial bodyguards of the hunts. Cheshire force is one of the absolute worst. It does not help when members of government like Rees Mogg host hunts on their property


  15. Thank you so much for caring and trying to do what is right, despite being blocked and shut down. I wish there were more like you. Good luck.


  16. Huge well done to you for trying to stop the sickening cruelty and for exposing the lies from those who have no feelings for our wildlife or even respect for the law.


  17. Cannot see a subscribe button but filled details in for update as I comment. Huge thanks for your honesty and persistence.


  18. Thank you for your bravery. If others in the police read this.I hope they step forward and start trying to uphold the law.If enough stood up to the bullies in the hunt then they could be held accountable. I understand how difficult it is to do.


  19. Thank you for doing this 🙏💚🦊 always knew they did this with those from there privileged inner circles.
    I’m sorry they did all those things to you and your very brave for bringing the truth to light. I wish you every success in exposing them all. Fight the darkness with light and truth. 🙏

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  20. I respect your actions and am appalled that you have had to undergo so much for just trying to do your job. You are upholding the rights we have to an honest and impartial police force and for protecting the innocent, in this case animals.

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  21. Many thanks for exposing this horror.You are upholding the rights of those who are voiceless. I hope the corruption on Fox Hunting can be exposed in a National Newspaper sometime. Many thanks to you once again Sir.

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  22. This of course comes as no surprise to me as someone who has uncovered police corruption as part of my own activities. Senior ranks are often the most corrupt. My own local hunt had a detective chief inspector (https://bit.ly/30DTJPF) as their hunt master so it was little wonder we had no chance of even fair treatment let alone a chance of a conviction. I have highlighted other questionable police dealings and had the chief inspector ring me at home demanding I remove my findings from my own blog. I challenged him to point out what wasn’t accurate with a promise to remove anything that wasn’t in fact true – he backed down.

    I congratulate you on speaking out on this subject. This is most certainly in the public interest and until these people are removed from office nothing will change.

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