(12) The turning point.

During the meeting with Stephen Davies at Hereford Police Station it had been suggested that the remaining masters of the SHH should be interviewed about this offence. Having been the only investigating officer until this point, and having slept on the suggestion of this, on 26th July 2016 I sent the following email to the CID officers. I wanted to be seen to be completely fair and impartial on both sides.

This may then lead to unnecessary complaints of the investigation not being impartial. Respectfully submitted for your consideration. Richard

I then received the following response from DI Taylor!”

So, having reviewed the case on 18th July and saying, ‘we have no intention of taking over this investigation’. 8 days later DI TAYLOR made a recommendation that the matter should be investigated by CID due to the complex nature of what we were facing! This, one day after I had challenged Stephen Davies on his discriminatory language.

No prizes for guessing why I had really been removed from the case!!

The CID officers, who were going to ‘help and support’ me, still gave me a list of tasks they wanted completing as a matter of priority!

So helpful, so supportive!!

I told my sergeant about the decision who said, ‘What did you do since the 18th’? I replied, ‘Questioned some suggestions/ decisions’?

It was fairly clear that they were acting on the recommendations of Stephen Davies, who clearly, for some reason had some influence over them. But what was that?

I responded to DI Taylor’s email, informing me I had been taken off the case.

I had no response to this email.

On 27th July I received an email from DC Cleeton. It was in response to my handing over the case to him and clarifying some issues. He said, ‘Thank you for your help and I want you to know I thought that you should remain on the investigation, as you had progressed it this far and had a good understanding’.

I received an email from the RSPCA Inspector who said, ‘Hi Richard. I have just been told you have been taken off the case. Why is that when you were doing an excellent job’? Why indeed?

I continued to do some limited work but CID had now taken on this investigation.

Oh well, there wasn’t much left for them to do, was there?

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4 thoughts on “(12) The turning point.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing all this and exposing the corruption. Even being retired it is a brave thing to do. It is compulsive reading and I find myself eagerly awaiting the next blog. Thank you.

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  2. A very interesting account Richard. Well done for all your hard work and dedication.
    Your suspicions are well founded; I suspect that someone very high up is pulling the strings for one or more of their friends. I look forward to reading your future blogs.

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