(26)Revelation by DI TAYLOR

Thank you for your continued support. The blog has now had over 42000 views which is fantastic. Please keep sharing and commenting as I don’t want all this to have been for nothing. I want real change to happen within these organisations so that the public can have some trust in them again. Clearly, the only way this will happen is when they are publicly exposed for what they have done.

I know the police are monitoring this blog. I challenge them to publicly announce changes they have made or are making as a result of their criminal failures to the HIT Team, My Family and I, and to Justice. I challenge you to demonstrate you can and have learned from your institutional corruption, before I finish the blog.

Do I think they will do this? No, unfortunately not. They cannot even bring themselves to apologise for their failings, (All I ever asked for), other than on one occasion, which became meaningless after the apology was then treated with complete contempt by none other than Professional Standards. (I will come to this later).

On 19th February 2017, my wife, Jane received an update from the Local Police Sergeant dealing with our complaint of harassment……….

Jane responded to him….

Jane was fed up of being messed around by the police and not being given answers to her questions. She found out contact details for both women I had allegedly had affairs with, ‘Andy’ and the local hunt monitor and she made contact with them. I couldn’t stop her from doing this and, quite frankly, why would I want to? Jane didn’t suddenly decide to become involved in a police matter, the police involved her as soon as they questioned me about it!!

Having asked for clarification over some answers given in my grievance outcome, in a meeting on 2nd March 2017 CI Francis provided a document which stated the following….

‘Enquires have revealed that DI TAYLOR received information that ‘Andy’ (HIT), was having an affair with an unnamed Police Officer. There was no opportunity to further this with the source. The information was assessed alongside the “contact in the police” aspect in Q4 and in order to confirm there were no disclosure/ compromise issues, a decision was made to ask if you were this un-named Police Officer’

So, I hadn’t even been named and yet Jane and I had been made to wait 3 months before anyone decided to tell us this!!! I was already off work because of the effect this was having on my mental health. Did WMP have absolutely no compassion or care? We were both extremely angry.

Jane emailed Supt Thomas, DCI Roberts and the Chief Constable, Anthony Bangham……

On around 20th March 2017 my sergeant informed me that the misconduct investigation against me had been dropped. This was obviously a huge relief but I wanted to know why I had been investigated.

On 21st March I sent my sergeant the following email……

I also emailed DS Nicholas Husbands at PSD……….

Finally, on 23rd March, Jane had this rather curt response from Superintendent Susan THOMAS!

Jane, rather more politely emailed back…….

You see, while the CID officers and PSD were obsessing in their witch hunt, further serious crimes against genuine victims had been taking place. On 24th March 2017 the local hunt monitor emailed a copy of this note to Jane. Apparently, a few weeks earlier, she had a brick thrown through a window at her house! The offender, obviously not content at leaving it at that, returned in an attempt to intimidate her further by posting this through her door. What lengths were these grubby little people prepared to go to in an attempt at getting the case dropped? Would the police now concentrate their efforts in finding the culprits who were clearly attempting to pervert the course of justice. No, no they wouldn’t!! I wonder why?

7 thoughts on “(26)Revelation by DI TAYLOR

  1. Dear Richard. Thank you for your bravery in exposing grossly unprofessional conduct within our legal system. I am a solicitor working in central Birmingham who started to hear rumblings about what was going on in 2018. I do hope both the CPS and Police are monitoring your blog and comments. To both institutions…shame on you. You have damaged the reputation of our legal system and brought it into disrepute. How dare you! So many in the legal profession work tirelessly to gain public trust only for it to be undone by the few. What have you done to investigate those involved? Anything at all? Perhaps a little carpet sweeping instead. To the individuals involved…you were professionally embarrassed and absolutely should have excused yourselves from the investigation. You failed in your duty and your reputation is sullied.
    I will do my best to share your blog around the legal profession in Birmingham. What you have to say should be heard. Rest assured you have support from many moral, decent professional members of the legal system.

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    1. Sadly this whole saga rings all too true regarding the police. OK, I’m not a police officer and my situation was not at al involved in anti-fox-hunting. I and 4 colleagues were investigated for alleged fraud (this was a travesty in itself). After 2 years the CPS said there was no case to answer – which was EXACTLY what we expected. However by then I was in dispute with two of my colleagues (who I had found out were ripping me off). Two weeks later the police came back and said they still wanted to pursue me and my third colleague. After another two years (of no new information), after freezing all my assets and pursuing me under POCA they hit me with the hardest charge they could find. I observed to the barrister that if the police could lie, distort and assume to get it to that point then going to jury was a gamble. We held our hands up to a minor charge (which the CPs gratefully accepted – and which I also wasn’t guilty of) in order to avoid that gamble. Later we found that my two colleagues were witnesses for the prosecution – and that hadn’t been disclosed. If it had been disclosed we wouldn’t have pleaded guilty to anything because we could have destroyed them in court. I am 100% convinced that there was collusion between the police and my two colleague – my two colleagues wanted me finished and the police (North Yorkshire) needed to improve their figures and justify their over the top actions at the beginning of the investigation. I now have zero respect for the police. It is not about what is right, or justice. they have their own agenda. The points of ethics that Richard lists are a joke and this is not the first time I have heard of a decent officer falling foul of the system. It all stinks and I admire this gentleman immensely for bringing all this to light. Sadly it strikes and all too familiar chord with me

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  2. Dear God Richard these bastards really put you and your wife through hell, all because a highly influential hunt were being investigated by you for shocking crimes with diligence and integrity. No wonder WMP and the CPS have so little credibility amongst groups who oppose animal cruelty.

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  3. Did Orwell have his finger on the pulse?…… 4 legs good….. 2 legs bad.
    The 2 leggers have possibly backed themselves into a corner and could be feeling like a rat in a cage. The so called “sly”old Fox could be their downfall…..reminds me of….Every dog has it’s day!

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      1. it’s a classic – and is an all too familiar scenario. You might have heard the word Kafka-esque. That is exactly how I and my family felt when we were going through our 4 years of hell with the police.

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