(25) Crown Prosecution Service

It was now clear that West Mercia Police were not going to address the issues I had raised in respect of senior Crown Prosecutor, Stephen Davies. This was a ‘public interest’ concern that surely could not just be ignored.

I had been signed off work by my GP due to the effects the stress was having on me. I decided to raise the concerns myself directly to the CPS………..

And let’s be honest, the CPS look like they take complaints and concerns very seriously!!

On 21st February 2017 I had a response confirming that the Parliamentary and Complaints Unit had received my email. A month later on 21st March 2017 I wrote the the CPS again.

Sir/ Madam, It has now been over 20 working days since I made this complaint about Mr Stephen Davies. I would be grateful for a response/ update in line with your complaints procedure. Regards, Richard Barradale-Smith

On 24th March 2017 I received the following email……..

Sounded like it was going to be brushed under the carpet to me!!! On 27th March I responded to Ms Llewelyn.

Again, having no response from Ms Llewelyn I sent follow up emails on 4th April, 24th April and 25th April. Why was she being so rude? On 26th April I received the following which I responded to on the following day…….

No response………so on 7th May I sent this to the ‘Independent’ Assessor of Complaints for the CPS……..

And their response on 9th May….

I was going around in circles. I had informed 2 senior officers. This was bonkers. So….what do you think happened next? Find out in a couple of blogs time when we would have caught up with the other events.

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11 thoughts on “(25) Crown Prosecution Service

  1. It is disgusting the way you have been treated and given the runaround. It is also extremely worrying. If this is how a Police Officer can be treated by their own superiors then I dread to think what hope there is for the general public.

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  2. Absolutely disgusted in the way your superiors treated you. It is also very worrying as if this is how they treat one of their own Officers then what hope is the for the general public to be treated fairly?

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  3. I can understand that CPS were never going to talk to you as a serving officer, and that West Mercia Police were just going to close ranks. Maybe now is the time to resubmit your complaint as a civilian.

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  4. Hi Richard.
    You are probably upsetting some very bad people. Watch you back.
    It is hardly credible how low these so called professionals are able to stoop. Is such a horrible hobby worth this?
    Just dwell on the thought that there are probably many folk who know you to be an honest and upright man and think highly of you.
    God bless you for caring enough to put yourself through this maelstrom.

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  5. Oh how did you stay sane?!
    This is so frustrating and worrying that everyone over a certain level in the hierarchy seems to be untouchable!
    Too much of this going on (as an x nurse I can empathise)
    I am hoping for a good outcome for both you and those poor cubs…

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  6. Wow, reading this is heartbreaking 💔 you and your poor family have been put through so much as a result of you conducting your work as a police officer how one should. I am hoping that as further updates are published we see things turn around and somebody does the right thing! 🤞 I hope that now you have retired you and your wife are living a much less stressful life and enjoying the leisurely experience

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  7. Richard, this beggers belief. A blind man can see that you are being given the run around.
    Seems that there is coruption at the core, when they turn on one of their own.Closed ranks hardly comes in to it!. Are all these people members of the same masonic lodge?
    Watch your back! And may justice prevail.
    Keep up the good work and(if you believe in one, may your God watch over you!)
    Stay strong.

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  8. This is very depressing reading for anyone who believes in the rule of law and the vital role it plays in maintaining a healthy, civilised democracy.
    I am hoping that this concludes with a number of the ‘professionals’ mentioned being disciplined for misconduct and/or charged with perverting the course of justice, and a new DPP at the CPS to make it fit for purpose again.

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  9. This stinks. It just goes to show how those in power can close ranks. TBH I am not surprised when you have some of those at the top hosting hunts on their land.

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  10. Just a short comment on LD Smith’s post. Unfortunately the opposite happens. The “duckers & divers” usually get their temporary posts confirmed and therefore their salaries and ultimately their pensions get a boost. Quite a lot of temporary promotions come to those who are in their final years of service and they in turn make sure that they are pleasing their bosses by producing the stats that put the organisation in a good light. Hence they do not tend to stir up a hornets nests nor rock any boats.
    It is people like PC Barradale-Smith Smith who cop the flack and the run a round and end up as we see here, THE VICTIM.

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