(29) Result of our Harassment Crime

So, my Grievance Appeal submitted, I just wanted to chase up information about my Misconduct.(which had been discontinued).

Re the email I sent to my sergeant on 21st March……

Great, starting to look like we were getting somewhere and transparency would be provided!! Jane contacted the sergeant conducting our harassment crime investigation….

Jane also sent copies of this email to Supt Susan THOMAS, DCI Jonathan Roberts and Chief Constable Anthony Bangham. On 25th April 2017 the ‘Local PS’ responded.

And this was the outcome letter from this local PS….

So, after some considerable work, no clue as to who made up this allegation, but also, no evidence of any kind to support the widespread rumour. Jane and I were disappointed, but not surprised.

What I was then surprised about, was a phone call I had from my sergeant. He told me that Public Prosecutor, Stephen Davies, (who was of course no longer anything to do with this case)!!, had appealed the Professional decision of DCI Goosen, (PSD), that there was no case to answer in respect of my Misconduct. This surely couldn’t be right? DS Husbands had written on the 12th April, telling me that the appeal process had expired!! I thought I’d better write to him.

Mmmmm. I thought I’d better ring DS Husbands and find out what was going on!!! No one could find him!!! Mmmmm

And suddenly, all very secretive again. What dark forces were at play?

So……at the same time as not having any response to the public interest concerns I had attempted to raise regarding the behaviour of Public Prosecutor, Stephen Davies……..not satisfied in the knowledge that I had been investigated and exonerated, he was escalating his complaint through the IPCC, (now the Independent Office for Police Conduct). Now you will remember the response I got from the Independant Assessor of Complaints for the Crown Prosecution Service about my concerns. Let’s remind ourselves!

So….presumably the Independent Office for Police Conduct would be telling Stephen Davies the same thing……What do you think??

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