(31) Gross Misconduct. (2nd Conduct Notice)

Following on from blog 25, my numerous failed attempts at raising concerns about Public Prosecutor, Stephen Davies. If you remember, Stephen DAVIES’S boss, Suzanne Llewelyn, said she was going to ‘discuss’ my concerns with the Assistant Chief Constable of West Mercia Police.

Well, it seems like she didn’t want to discuss my concerns at all, she just wanted to make a complaint about me for daring to bother her! It seems like senior prosecutors and senior officers wanted to put me back into my box!! Whilst I wasn’t being allowed to complain/ raise concerns about the CPS, they were all too ready and keen to complain about me!

And so one day after receiving, what I thought was a letter of hope, from Superintendent Purcell, on 12th May 2017 I had another visit at my home address from CI Dean Jones. Having previously stood in our kitchen a month earlier ‘offering reassurance’ and support, CI Jones wasn’t looking quite so supportive!

He served me with this,,

I was stunned. I couldn’t believe it. I had been served a notice of Gross Misconduct for attempting to raise a concern that was, (or should have been) in the public interest!

It was a sobering thought that, if the Gross Misconduct was found against me, then I could then face losing my job. Perhaps that’s what someone wanted?

You will note that the name of the complainant is ‘Crown Prosecution Service’. (Quite obviously, Suzanne Llewelyn, a senior prosecutor). You would therefore like to think that, before making the complaint, she would be completely satisfied that, in law, I had in fact breached the Data Protection Act. It would therefore be a given that I would be prosecuted or dealt with by way of misconduct, without a doubt.

Do you think that the Data Protection Act law was introduced, with this type of complaint in mind?

No, no it wasn’t. Suzanne Llewelyn was trying to make this law fit into this scenario so that she could flex her muscles, trying to punish me by going to the ACC so that she could ignore my concerns. There was no breach of the Data Protection Act!,

CI Jones then asked me when I was coming back to work!!

I’ll leave that with you.

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8 thoughts on “(31) Gross Misconduct. (2nd Conduct Notice)

  1. Re my previous question: when does the union step in ? In my country, légal advice would already been provided and the notice challenged in court.

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  2. I have seen first hand how some forces (I won’t be specific) treat their officers. How some senior officers close ranks and blatantly lie to back each other up to make a lower rank look bad and be blamed for things they have not done, to justify their own short comings. I have seen, and lived with the results of how those senior officers treated one of their own with serious depression. I have tried to pick up the pieces when that person was told they were a problem and might upset the rest of the office when they would get distressed and cry, so was moved from the office to work alone in a small cubbyhole on an upper floor, where they locked the windows (in August) and took away the key ( which they denied but was later proved in an email following a FOI request). The things I have lived with and heard were horrendous and resulted in the person involved being medically retired with chronic depression after serving for 28 years. All he ever wanted was to do his 30 and not being able to due to others behaviour finished his mental health off! Reading your blog of meetings, I saw the same phrases being used as I witnessed in meetings. Phrases which attempt to impart some blame to the ‘victim’, instead of where it belonged, firmly at the feet of the senior officers. I have found, and am finding your blog quite difficult reading due to that and seeing so many parallels, it brings back very painful memories. I absolutely commend you in having the strength and courage to share all this. It defies belief that this has all come about due to what really should have been a relatively straightforward animal cruelty case. You suffered a witch hunt!
    I hope you and your family have managed to move on in some part, that sharing this blog helps you and that you can enjoy your retirement. Thank you for your service. X

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  3. Unbelievable! I am shocked and saddened by the devious tactics of your superiors. There would appear to be more honour amongst thieves!

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