(33) Proportionate and Impartial!

So, let’s put this notice for Gross Misconduct into some sort of perspective.

At around the same time as I started dealing with this animal cruelty case, I was also responsible for looking after various ‘Risk Management Plans’ for people in our area. One of these was for a woman and her children who were deemed to be at very high risk, as a result of domestic violence issues. She had fled the marital home and had moved to an address not known by her estranged husband……and for obvious reasons, we needed to try and keep it that way. I cannot begin to tell you how much effort had been put in to keep the family safe.

During civil proceedings in the family court, the police were required to provide disclosure documents to the Barristers for both sides. The disclosure documents would obviously need to be redacted of all private / personal information to safeguard those involved.

This task was given to a Detective at Hereford…..but guess what? They didn’t redact personal information including this family’s new address which duly fell into the hands of her estranged husband………..and, you guessed it,………absolutely nothing happened to that detective at Hereford CID. Yet I was the one being served a notice for Gross Misconduct! You really couldn’t make it up!!


My wife, Jane and I still wanted answers to questions we had about lies I had been told!

And his response……..

PROPORTIONATE!! Being unlawfully interviewed and detained at a police station based on, (and this is CI Jones words), ‘the rumour had been well circulated within the local community, but what was also clear was that there was no evidence of any kind to support it’.

CI Jones, do you understand what PROPORTIONATE means? ………..and don’t even get me started on ‘Impartial’!!!!!

One thought on “(33) Proportionate and Impartial!

  1. Does this ring any bells?
    “Running with the hare & hunting with the hounds”

    Proportionate & Impartial. ….. to whom????….. THE STRING PULLER!!!


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