(34) Concerns for my welfare

One thing Superintendent Sue THOMAS is really good at, is spouting the most up to date corporate jingles, jargon and buzzwords. What she isn’t very good at, is actually putting these into practice! Sad to have to tell you, but it has to be more than ‘words written on a page’, to actually mean anything.

Here’s a letter I received on 8th June, 2017.

What on earth was going on? What was happening behind the scenes?Why couldn’t Superintendent THOMAS just be honest with me? Or, I don’t know, did she actually know what she was doing?

For, every day that I was waiting for something to happen, was a day putting increased stress and pressure on me!

One thought on “(34) Concerns for my welfare

  1. why am I not surprised at any of this. These are EXACTLY the type of people who get promoted to higher levels in state organisations in modern Britain. I have seen it myself- they can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk and they do untold damage – yet still progress. Britain has sleep-walked into a bureaucratic despotism


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