(36) Time to complain.

We just didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Jane wanted to make a complaint so that the whole saga could be looked at properly. She sent the following to Professional Standards on behalf of us both to complain as victims of crime.

We received an automated response…..

And waited for a month, but….nothing…….


And on 19th August 2017 Jane received a letter….

But…..as you’ve seen, the Grievance procedure does not work. But also, Jane was complaining about the way HER crime was dealt with. She’s not a police officer. Where had her rights gone? Jane hen appealed this decision to the IPCC. Surely they would see sense?

On 14th September, Jane received the following letter from the IPCC.

As you can imagine, we were both extremely disappointed. Perhaps we were missing something? Perhaps we had moral expectations that were set far too high? Perhaps we had not interpreted the guidelines, regulations, Code of Ethics etc correctly?

Whatever, we were questioning what was happening!!

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