(49) Management Action

Now that I was no longer under investigation, I sent the request again to Get a copy of the warrant application. They clearly didn’t want me to see it but I wasn’t going to let it go…

If you recall, the Gross Misconduct for daring to contact the CPS with a public interest concern, had been downgraded to Management Action. This is a non disciplinary outcome and I bet Professional Standards thought I’d be very grateful to receive this! (Even Fed Rep 2 advised me to accept it)!

On 18th December 2017, DS Nicholas Husbands sent me this email.

He makes it sound like he’s doing me a favour!

Christmas came and went and before I knew it, we were in 2018.

If I was to receive Management Action I wanted to see the actual complaint from Suzanne Llewelyn at the CPS. I asked my sergeant to show it to me but he said he didn’t have it so referred the request to DS Husbands. DS Husbands then made contact.

And on 10th January 2018 he wrote……

Would I be getting Management Action? We’ll see a bit later! But my concerns about Stephen Davies hadn’t been addressed and I couldn’t leave that either!

If you remember, on 14th November, DS Husbands said, ‘with regards to your complaint about the CPS Prosecutor, I have discussed this matter this morning with my DCI who is no longer Dave Goosen as he has moved on. I am in the process of compiling a report about it based on our conversation yesterday. You are correct in that it had not been addressed as far as I know, please leave that side of things with me’.

On 2nd of January 2018 I emailed DS Husbands saying, ‘Have you had a response from the CPS yet?’ I also sent the following to the CPS……

And got a response…..

Well, I could expect a response fairly soon then!

I waited until the 16th February, 2018. Perhaps the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor was busy or had mislaid the email!!

That should do it.

No, still no response…..

But…….just got totally ignored. They were ignoring me, evidently ignoring Professional Standards, (as you will see a little later) and ignoring The Public Interest Disclosure Act.

The CPS were breaking the law, because to deliberately ignore me, having failed to silence me by bullying, was concealing the protected disclosure.

Do you think this was all disclosed to the court in the Operation Childer animal cruelty case? No,no I don’t think it was!!

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2 thoughts on “(49) Management Action

  1. Richard you are fast becoming one of my heroes. They so picked on the wrong person when they thought that they could silence you through bullying and harassment.

    For every police officer trying to do their job in a corrupt system and everyone who has experienced injustice everywhere, thank you. While ever people accept this sort of treatment, the law will continue to be a bendy tool misused by those in power.

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  2. Maybe they ran out of postage stamps, or maybe they were out having afternoon tea with West Mercia or maybe they were hoping that you would just “give up and sod off”

    Once again, let me consult my crystal ball……. hhhhmmmmmm… nope , crystal ball shows a storm brewing 🧐

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