(57) Misconduct Appeal Meeting

My Misconduct Appeal meeting with Deputy Chief Constable Amanda Blakeman was due to take place on 29th March, 2018. This would deal with what I believed was going to be the last of the conduct issues against me.

On 28/03/18, Jane emailed DS Nicholas Husbands…………

And the following morning, he responded again……

Looks like Jane was starting to be treated seriously too!!

And so on 29th March, 2018, accompanied by Fed Rep 2, Iattended West Mercia Police Headquarters for my Misconduct Appeal with DCC Blakeman. I wrote the following report for the meeting.

And……this was DCC Blakeman’s outcome report which she handed to me after the meeting.

……………………..At last, it felt like I was being treated seriously. I could not hide my emotions and broke down in front of everyone present. The months of what felt like a sustained and pressured attack on my integrity, professionalism and character, felt as though it had finally come to an end.

An enormous wave of relief swept through my whole being……………..but this was not relief because the appeal had been upheld. It was relief because I could feel the faith I had all but lost in ‘justice’, might just be able to begin to be restored. I had reached a point where I never thought it could and it was that which was upsetting.

Would the powers to be start to put things right? We’ll see!

3 thoughts on “(57) Misconduct Appeal Meeting

  1. I – and no doubt many others – also feel a massive sense of relief after reading this report from DCC Amanda Blakeman. Relief for you and your family and relief in knowing that the scales of justice appear to be tipping in the right direction once again, in favour of equity, honesty and morality. I can only hope it continues.
    Not knowing how this all ends, one good outcome is that because of this blog, every genuine wildlife conservation organisation in the country, some of which have millions of supporters, will know that CPS prosecutor Stephen Davies is not the best person to lead or take on any cases involving illegal persecution/killing of wild animals, including endangered bird species killed by those with shooting interests.

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  2. Looks like this Senior Officer has a similar set of balls to T/DCI Middleton….. but what action will be taken to rectify some of the wrong doing…. will policies change…. will there be re training for officers of all ranks to ensure the mistakes are not repeated….. will someone pluck up the courage to say SORRY.?

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  3. Excellent. I think this is the first blog we’ve read where there is something genuinely positive. It took a while!

    Wonder how Stephen Davies took it? Probably went out to shoot some animals to vent his frustration.

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