(58) DS Husbands allowed to investigate himself!

And so now, after nearly two years, were the police going to charge the suspects in the animal cruelty case?

Well, not just yet apparently!

Following Jane’s email to DS Husbands on 7th March 2018, asking for her complaint about the warrant to be reviewed by the IOPC, on 04/04/18 she received this email from him.

And Jane replied……..

A fair enough question, I think.
But…why couldn’t he give Jane a redacted version of it? It was her complaint!

And then DS Husbands sent this.

I thought he said he’d already submitted the complaint?

And on 11th April, 2018 I wrote to DCC Amanda Blakeman…..

A meeting was then arranged for the end of May.

On 12/04/18 I also emailed DS Husbands. Now the investigations into me were over there was surely no reason why I couldn’t be told the truth!

Again, a fair enough request, I think.

And on 23/04/18 Jane wrote again to DCI Middleton and DS Husbands.

On 24th May DS Husbands emailed Jane to say he was chasing up the IOPC for an update……but nothing! So on 1st May 2018 Jane wrote again.

And finally, on 2nd May 2018, Jane received the following letter from the IOPC………

So the IOPC were going to let West Mercia Police investigate themselves!

And I again chased up my previous email to DS Husbands on 12/04/18.

And Jane chased up a previous request to see what DS Husbands had sent to the IOPC on ‘her behalf’!

But DS Husbands clearly didn’t want Jane to see what he had written to the IOPC.

And Jane wrote back that essentially, he was asking her to start again!

How could it be that DS Husbands was going to be allowed to investigate this? You have read the disclosure issues in blog 52. DS Husbands was never going to find conduct issues with anyone else, knowing that he had been a part of the problem by not raising the disclosure issues surrounding the warrant that he was aware of.

Of course, he wouldn’t have informed the IOPC about this….well, we don’t know what he informed them because he refused to let Jane see what her complaint actually said!!!

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7 thoughts on “(58) DS Husbands allowed to investigate himself!

  1. It’s amazing you two managed to keep at this, it’s hard reading now and we’re just getting a digest with little in the way of true emotion. You guys lived this. It’s truly appalling they put you through it. Thank you for telling your story.

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  2. It’s the same old story.I cannot believe that DS Husbands has been acting autonomously in all this. He has constantly had his strings pulled from somewhere up above and must have have had plenty of moments to consult his conscience.In fact I believe that ‘towing the line’ goes far above him. It’s ‘the system’ Can an individual beat it?

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  3. Once again I need to keep reminding myself that this guy Richard was just doing his job, he was dealing with a case of cruelty to 2 Fox cubs and everyone, including DCC Blakeman not only told him that he had done a good job but had the balls to put it in writing. Not only had he done a good job he has also weathered Gross Misconduct charges, Misconduct, Management Action, Criminal Investigation and had his home and his wife violated with a Warrant.
    What the hell does this man, his wife, and family need to do to get through thick skinned officers and had washing institutions.
    This man has been persecuted and it is “just not fair”.
    What would it take for you to say SORRY?

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  4. Thought things were looking up for a moment, but then the IOPC makes a nonsensical decision straight out of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! Like a school in special measures, it has undergone so many name changes over the years in a bid to restore public faith in its ability to act as an independent police complaints authority, but it appears that, despite all the makeovers, it is still the same failing school.
    Hoping we all stay well enough to see the end of this.

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  5. this comment is only to be taken in a lighthearted way, not based on fact, but I was thinking to myself I never thought West Mercia police would go to the lengths of world pandemic to silence Richard

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  6. You make a good point Robert. Unfortunately, it’s true: there’s no room for any other story or topic of public debate at the moment except for the spiralling global health crisis, which means it’s a good time for opportunists and those who only abstain from wrong-doing for fear of scrutiny, being caught and public outrage.

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