(64) Back to work (a very short blog)

And so…after some considerable time away from work, on 01/08/18 I returned hoping that West Mercia Police were genuinely working towards getting to the bottom of what happened and providing the long overdue answers that Jane and I, (as well as ‘Andy’) deserved. Oh……and a long overdue apology!! I was ,by no means, completely well again but naively had some faith that West Mercia Police were fully intending to do the right thing and that would considerably help me on the road to ‘recovery’!

Do you think that was going to happen?

On 23rd July 2018 PSI Gill FRANCIS (PSD) emailed Jane…….

Dear Mrs Barradale-Smith

In relation to the complaint I am dealing with CO/186/18 refers I am still awaiting a response from Birmingham Magistrates Court concerning copy documents that are required for this investigation. Once these have been received I will update you and the investigation will then be able to progress further.



And Jane replied on the same day…….

Dear Gillian

Thank you for your reply,

Hopefully the documents from Birmingham Magistrates Court will arrive soon and your Investigation can continue.I am happy to meet with you and so is Richard if at any time you decide that it would be beneficial.

Kind Regards


And I received the following from Detective Inspector Graham Farren, (PSD) on 2nd August 2018.


Are you free any time from Tuesday 14/08/18 to Friday 17/08/18? This is the first chance I’ll have to conduct a meeting with you to debrief your experiences taking into consideration your potential status as a whistle-blower.


Graham Farren

Ooooh. That sounded promising………………,I told him I was free on any of those days and the meeting was arranged for Friday 17th August.

They were starting to take us seriously………………..weren’t they?

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