(63) Following advice from Legal Services

Following my emails to DCI Middleton, on 9th July 2018 DS Nicholas Husbands emailed me to clarify his position.

And so………It would appear from what DS Husbands had said that DS Wells had not been spoken to about Christmas Day with CPS Prosecutor, Stephen Davies, despite me reporting this a year and a half earlier!

And also, he states the decision to execute the warrants was not made at a CIMM meeting and PSD were not present or part of the decision making process! This, quite frankly, astounds and shocks me. Surely, any decision to obtain a non urgent search warrant on a police officer’s home address would have to be made, having consulted Professional Standards………………wouldn’t it? Because Professional Standards would have important information regarding disclosure to the court. The results of all grievances are kept at Professional Standards and so my grievance, which stated there was no evidence of me having inappropriate relationships was documented with them! How could this be?

And on 10th July 2018 I received the following email which DCI Middleton had sent to DCI Dean Jones on 26th June.

My simple interpretation of point 2 above was that Force Legal Services advice to DCI Middleton was, (a), that I was a whistleblower, (b), if the force admitted this then I would definitely have grounds to commence legal proceedings against them and, (c), because of (b), they shouldn’t under any circumstances be honest enough or have the Professional integrity to admit (a) to me……….I think that sums it up!!

But was DCI Middleton really naive enough to believe that West Mercia Police could ‘learn from its mistakes’ in tandem with attempting to deny them?

And, why oh why was it taking so long to get answers from the Crown Prosecution Service about the concerns I had raised about Public Prosecutor, Stephen Davies?

Does it give you ANY faith in the integrity of either of these organisations?

Anyway, I sent the above report from DCI Middleton to Fed Rep 3 with the following email.

And received an immediate response…..

As per DS Husbands email of 9th July, ‘There will be some cross over, but we will deal with that between us’ ( him and DS Power). I thought I would try and give them a helping hand. I couldn’t see how the two investigations could remain completely separate.

‘To ensure there is no confusion or crossover’! Were these sergeants talking to each other at all? Did anyone know what they were doing?

And Jane received a copy of what was apparently her complaint. This clearly wasn’t the document sent to the IOPC!

Allegations. (1) – Fair enough but not clear enough. (2) – Jane never made a ‘complaint’ about DI Justin TAYLOR or DS Craig Tenant for apologising or saying they had been told to do it. Yes, of course she told DS Husbands that’s what happened but she never said that she wanted to complain about that. Someone else obviously made a decision to treat that point as a complaint! (Jane did complain that DI Justin TAYLOR said that he he had her life in his hands, but that wasn’t even included in the worthless statement that DS Husbands had written)!

Jane and I seemed to be in this impossible situation where, we knew in our hearts this would be a coverup by West Mercia Police, but had to give them a chance to show they were going to investigate it fairly………..Do you think they were going to?

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One thought on “(63) Following advice from Legal Services

  1. Irrespective of the outcome of all this I now truly believe that there is corruption within the Police at the highest level. I think that the way in which they act is supported by the fact that the average person outside of the Police would not believe that the very people who are there to uphold justice would be capable of manipulating it to suit the organisations needs when challenged. Sad day as an ex copper who would have backed the Police to the hilt.

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