(42) “I’ve got your life in my hands”

At the end of my interview on 20th September I told DI Justin TAYLOR that I was going to have to now go home and explain to Jane that I had again been questioned about having an affair. I said that I wanted him to phone my wife and explain to her what evidence they had to justify questioning me about this. I said that she, quite rightly, would be thinking that they would have to have very good evidence to go to these lengths.

He did phone her and he told her that they had NO further evidence! Jane said that DI TAYLOR then said something that she found extremely alarming and threatening, ‘I’ve got your life in my hands’! Jane was at work when she received the call and found it so intimidating and upsetting, that she had to leave work early.

I remember driving home from the interview, feeling numb, not being able to believe what was going on.

It wasn’t long before the media found out about the warrant and they had started to ask questions!

I knew I had to get a copy of the warrant application. I decided to email Birmingham Magistrates Court who had issued the warrants.

On 29th September 2017, I received the following response.

Also on 29th September I drove to Worcester to meet DS Craig Tennant who was going to return the paperwork that had been seized from me. later on this day, he sent me this email.

On 16th October 2017, we had the remaining items which had been seized, returned to us. On checking the property, I noticed that my iPhone had two small bubbles under the glass on the front screen! (Which weren’t there before the phone was seized). The phone didn’t have a screen cover on. The bubbles were definitely under the glass. I took the phone to an EE phone shop and got one of the staff to have a look at it. They told me that the screen must have been removed!!

Why on earth would the police have removed the screen from my phone? Why indeed!!!

On 17th October 2017 I sent an email to Chief Superintendent Mark Travis asking for an update.

And his response….

Jane emailed Mark Travis on the following day!!

A fair enough question to ask considering the stress Jane had been put through. A question that would obviously deserve a respectful, courteous and sympathetic answer from a chief officer of a ‘caring’ organisation. What do you think?

Sorry Jane, he was clearly too busy to show you any respect whatsoever!

Anyway, where was I, yes my quest for the warrant application.

And so….I submitted a subject access data request Form on 21-10-17…

They obviously didn’t want to make things easy for me but despite their best efforts, I was not going to be forced into submission.

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4 thoughts on “(42) “I’ve got your life in my hands”

  1. The levels at which the authorities go to cover up animal abuse committed by Hunts is mind blowing to me. Also, this is what they do to a honest respected serving police officer, what would they do to an ordinary citizen!?


  2. DI TAYLOR , when you did your Police training which page of the Manual gives you “Police Powers” to hold the lives of people in your hands. Who the hell do you think you are? Shame on you for speaking to a victim of crime with those words. However it obviously must be part of the training as it is clear that Chief Superintendent Travis has a similar pitch towards victims of crime. The lady in question, Jane, wrote to him and asked a question, “why am I still being subjected to continued harassment”? That question appears to be quite plain and simple, the lady, who is a victim, is asking for an answer as to why SHE
    , not her husband is being continually harassed, even if she isn’t a victim SHE feels that she is a VICTIM and therefore should be afforded the treatment as a victim. However in his wisdom Mr Travis took the time to respond to her plea by writing 2 lines of text in a mail.
    The answer was simple, it was his intention Not to correspond with her and he would correspond to her husband Richard when the time was right. OMG this is such a dismissal to a victim who is asking for help. Once again Mr Travis how dare you treat this lady like that. Hang your head in shame and apologise.


  3. The people interviewing Richard are merely obeying orders. They are the puppets carrying out their duties, but obviously have some difficulty in understanding the difference between lawful and unlawful.


  4. So sorry to hear this dreadful story.
    It’s no surprise to me whatsoever having personally experience of how the police investigate ‘their own’.
    The police proudly claim they are a family. If they are, they are pretty disfunctional as a minimum and a far lot worse than can be imagined.
    To live through this would damage the strongest of people. To come out the other end fighting is something special…

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