(41) ‘Andy’s’ Warrant

A tiny percentage of people in this country have court warrants served on their addresses. But how many people reporting crime or indeed, the victims of crime would expect in doing so to end up with the invasive and harrowing experience of strangers rooting through your property without your permission…….and making you watch!

It would appear that the search warrants and the criminal interview were nothing more than a ‘fishing trip’.

Perhaps West Mercia Police would stop at nothing, to find some reason to drop this case.

By executing these warrants, they had already thrust a sword through the heart of its integrity, giving the defence Barristers, (and the general public) a reason to question my honesty and to move the focus away from the heinous crime and on to me. (Everyone knows, there’s no smoke without fire)! Who was driving this and why?

As stated, ‘Andy’ had warrants served on her house and vehicle at the same time as ours. I now have copies of her warrants and with her permission will show you them………..

So as you can see on the second page, DC Hawes has searched the vehicle but seized nothing from it so endorsed this by writing, ‘none’.

But wait, on the second page of this warrant, the sections for listing property seized has been left blank by DI Justin TAYLOR. So presumably he didn’t seize any property from the house. Well, yes he did, so why wasn’t the warrant endorsed as such?

And… look at the wording on the warrant, exactly the same as the wording on my warrant….

The Magistrate who endorsed the warrant did so saying, ‘I authorise the person or persons identified beneath to enter the specified premises on the number of occasions indicated, to search for………. Telecom and electronic equipment capable of communicating with members of the Anti-Hunt Investigation Team or Hunt Masters’.

This wording makes absolutely NO sense on ‘Andy’s’ warrant. It should have simply read, ‘capable of communicating with PC Barradale-Smith’.

They couldn’t even get the simple bits correct!

And then, quite obviously, in a vain attempt at correcting the mistake of not documenting items taken from ‘Andy’s’ house, Kidderminster CID sent ‘Andy’ a copy of this report.

The above report makes no sense. DI TAYLOR was the officer in charge of the review of Operation Childer. He was the officer who searched ‘Andy’s’ house. He was the officer that seized items from ‘Andy’s’ house. Why would he have needed to be given this information from DS Tenant? It was a bullshit, arse covering, face saving memo report because they failed to document items taken from the house at the time.

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3 thoughts on “(41) ‘Andy’s’ Warrant

  1. I would have thought that the recording of items for investigation would receive meticulous attention and for the relative paperwork to be completed before the end of an officers shift….. bearing in mind it was 0840 therefore leaving reasonable time before the shift ended.

    Wonder how Andy felt….. nah, she is tough as old boots…. “she is one of these sorts of people” according to Stephen Davies.
    Poor Andy’s faith in the Police was surely lost forever. Just remember what she did, she brought notice of the killing of Fox cubs to the attention of the Police….. was this a just reward for her to treated as a criminal?


  2. It appears that at some stage, the search warrant served on “Andy” has been forged.
    Again I don’t know whether making comparisons with the légal environment I am familiar with is relevant, but this could be qualified in my country as “faux en écritures publiques” (forgery of public writ could be a loose translation) which carries a 10-years sentence and a 15000€ fine.

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