(52) Disclosure issues

So, just to make it absolutely clear. There was NO further information in September 2017 to justify getting a warrant, than there was in October, 2016, nearly a year before.

So who would have known beforehand that the warrant was going to be executed?

My sergeant? DC Cleeton?DS Wells? possibly not.

DI Martin Taylor?Chief Inspector Dean Jones? Probably.

Superintendent Susan THOMAS? DCI Jonathan Roberts? DCI Mel Paley?DCI Dave Goosen? Detective Sergeant Nicholas Husbands? Definitely.

There would almost certainly have been a meeting to decide this and Professional Standards would clearly have to be consulted. Did they not discuss the obvious disclosure issues surrounding this?

Superintendent THOMAS. You surely would have stood up and said that I had already been interviewed about this. As you wrote to my wife on 12/01/17, ‘I can confirm that the interview by DI TAYLOR was conducted on behalf of Professional Standards’…..’This was not a criminal matter and no need for an arrest’. You also knew of my grievance outcome and was copied into the letter of apology written by Superintendent Purcell. Did you not consider these to be disclosure issues?

DCI Roberts, did you not have the professional integrity to voice your concerns, (or more worryingly, didn’t you realise there were any)?

DCI Paley. In your letter to Jane dated 18th December 2017, as well as your well rehearsed corporate speak, and obviously being too important and ‘accredited’ to have to properly justify the actions of you and your officers, you said that, ‘Unfortunately I cannot share material within the information of the warrant application on ‘Public Interest grounds’. Well, as you can see, we now have this document and we now know that this is a lie. Your only interest was trying to cover up mistakes made by senior officers.

DCI Goosen. You made the assessment in 2016 that the issues raised in DI Taylor’s report were all, (apart from one), performance issues. You then made an assessment at the beginning of 2017 that in respect of that one issue, there was no case to answer for misconduct. How could you therefore be happy with the decision to obtain a warrant with NO further information or evidence to support it?

DS Husbands, You were the PSD Officer with the greatest knowledge of what had happened. You knew about my pocket book entry of 26th May 2016. You knew I had already been formally interviewed about this by DI Martin TAYLOR and were aware of the responses I had already given. You were aware that I had written a section 9 statement explaining each point. You knew about the spurious affair allegation having come from the NFU offices and that there was NO evidence whatsoever to support this. You knew that all of this information was over 12 months old. Why didn’t you speak out?

Where was the integrity of all of these senior officers?

And DI Justin TAYLOR, you did a thorough review of the whole Operation Childer case including the investigation into me. You would have known all of the above.

But DI Justin TAYLOR must have thought that it was justified, necessary and proportionate in all the circumstances, or he wouldn’t have applied for it…………would he.

And despite what DS Craig Tennant had told Jane and I during the execution of the warrant, that they were ordered to do it by Chief Superintendent Mark Travis, you only have to obey an order, if it is lawful.

Surely any officer with personal and professional integrity would not apply for a warrant if they thought it wasn’t justified, necessary or proportionate.

Because in doing so, you would have to mislead the magistrate into thinking that it was justified, necessary and proportionate…….and that would constitute a criminal offence.

Now, I’m going to break with tradition. I have been setting things out in a chronological order so that you could see the documents and information in the same order that we did.

But Jane received the following information at the beginning of January 2019, a year later, and it makes more sense to show it to you now. This was part of a Professional Standards report undertaken by Detective Sergeant Tony Power………………………….

Applying for a warrant to search and seize for computers and mobile telephones was not justified, proportionate or necessary due to the passage of time!

And yet, less than two months later, on the ‘advice and directions’ he had received, that is exactly what he did……….

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8 thoughts on “(52) Disclosure issues

  1. This story is begging to be made into a Johny English type comedy/thriller film. Of course it would have to be adapted to include quite a few Johnys and a few female versions.

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  2. The behind the scenes activity in this case is hard to believe. Having disappeared completely from mainstream news for a few years, most people who saw the initial shocking press release from the League Against Cruel Sports, probably assumed that because police resources were stretched, especially after extensive cuts to services, officers were working on the case as and when they could. No one could have possibly imagined that certain individuals within West Mercia Police and the CPS were working round the clock – and ruining people’s lives in the process – in a bid to scupper the investigation. Fortunately for West Mercia Police the last few months have been a good time to bury bad news.

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  3. Wed 4/3/20. Just watching Peston show on ITV. Topic is Home Secretary Patel, bullying etc etc…. “when the system is questioned they close ranks” 🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔 No, surely not…. they wouldn’t dare do that, would they?

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  4. Oh man – yet more parallels. In my case, that I have told you about, 4 of us were being investigated. Me, my two business partners and one other. After two years the CPS came back and said there was no case to answer – which is EXACTLY what we expected. By this time I was in dispute with my two partners as I had found out they were ripping me off and ripping off the company. But suddenly the police said they wanted to re-open the case against me and the other bloke. As in your account above – no new information (we found this out later). In the end, shortly before facing a 3-week Crown Court Trial I said to the barrister ‘if they can lie, twist and distort to get to this stage it’s a gamble to go in front of a jury. Can you think of anything we can maybe hold our hands up to.’ We ended up pleading guilty to something we hadn’t done (false accounting).to make it go away as we stood to lose absolutely everything. Afterwards we found out my two business partners (with whom I was in dispute and trying to escape from) were witnesses for the prosecution – but they hadn’t disclosed this. So, like with your case – lies and distortion and a lack of disclosure. And people wonder why I now have zero respect for the police. There was clearly collusion – my business partners were trying to finish me (they failed. we beat them) and the police needed to justify their OTT, disproportionate actions. This lack of disclosure for us was case-defining. If we had known they were witnesses we wouldn’t have pleaded guilty to anything as we could have destroyed them in court.. Either way – so many parallels between your story and I mine and I fear that this just suggests that this is not uncommon and if you as a straight police officer with a reputation for honesty and impartiality have had to suffer this it sadly suggests that this sort of thing is not uncommon

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