(53) Noble cause corruption.

For those of you who have seen the film, ‘Hot Fuzz’, you will be familiar with the phrase, ‘It’s for the greater good’.

But…that’s exactly where it belongs…..in a comedy film. Not in real life modern policing.

But as you have seen, it was sadly, very much present in the justice agencies involved in this case!…..And it continued……………..

This was the ‘conclusion’ of DS Craig Tennant’s report to DI Justin Taylor dated 25th September 2017, just 7 days after the warrants were executed. (You will recall that I was not informed of this until the beginning of December, over two months later)!

Interesting use of language here. ‘Both ‘sides’ justifying their actions’.
Animal cruelty and fox hunting are illegal, not ‘just a little bit illegal’ or ‘sort of illegal’. ILLEGAL DS Tennant!

Now, you wouldn’t think that the criminal courts would take kindly to being lied to or mislead by the police…..would you?

I thought that I had better write to them to let them know what was going on………….

On 15th January, 2018 I also wrote to ‘Public Concern at Work’, a Government recognised whistleblowing charity, to ask for their advice.

I was desperate for help. Was someone at last going to step in and intervene, having seen the obvious injustices?

My mental health had just deteriorated throughout this long and drawn out process. Was that part of their plan? Did they care at all? They certainly knew about it. West Mercia Police had requested me to attend an independent ‘Selected Medical Practitioner’ for assessment.

In his report dated 15/01/18 the Doctor wrote,

‘Analysis and opinion Infirmity. – Mr Barradale-Smith is suffering from ‘infirmities of mind’ as defined in the Police Pensions Regulations 1987. The medical evidence indicates that Mr Barradale-Smith is suffering from the following infirmities of mind. (Psychological illnesses):

Depressive disorder (current illness episode), Post-traumatic stress disorder (current illness episode), Recurrent depressive disorder (triggered by stressful situations), Hypertension ( managed with medication)’………amongst a few others.

West Mercia Police had a copy of this report and so were fully aware of my medical condition.

In respect of my letter to Michael Seath, (as above), I received the following letter from Birmingham Magistrates Court!

The problem was……..I didn’t have the £20,000.00 or so it would cost to bring a judicial review to the High Court.

And that is probably why West Mercia Police had the confidence to get the unlawful warrants! They knew I wouldn’t be able to afford a judicial review and…….as a police officer, I had no right of complaint, other than through the grievance process. (And you’ve already seen what a complete waste of time they are)!

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4 thoughts on “(53) Noble cause corruption.

  1. This makes me so cross and very sad. I sincerely hope you are coping ok now. I know due to not completely dissimilar circumstances at the hands of senior officers, my husband will never be the same. He was medically retired nearly two years ago due to the depression caused and has not really moved on since. I hope sharing this harrowing account and knowing how many people are following you and care is cathartic for you. Much love. X

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  2. When I read your blogs Richard, I think you have been amazingly strong to continue as you did. I feel so incredibly angry on your behalf, and wish to see you vindicate. Unfortunately I have no idea how to go about it.

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  3. I think most readers will be in awe of your indomitability in the face of this level of adversity and road-blocking from a system still seemingly stacked in favour of power and corruption.
    Likewise, I suspect what many readers would like to know is how some of the named individuals in this case (assuming they are reading) justify their behaviour in terms of the greater good, basic decency and to themselves when they lay awake at night? Do they feel their agenda was worth ruining innocent people’s lives for?
    Perhaps these individuals feel that, like with falling trees in the forest – or indeed terrified foxcubs being thrown live to packs of dogs – that if no one is there to witness or even acknowledge these acts, then neither the trees nor the fox cubs make a sound…or do they?

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