(61) Simple requests given the runaround

Now I think of myself as being a fairly patient person. I had waited a long time to have my name cleared of any wrongdoing during this investigation. Why were Professional Standards so reluctant to give me the information I was entitled to see. Surely they would want to show that their actions to date were justified in all of the circumstances…….wouldn’t they? What we’re they hiding? In the last blog I had emailed DCI Middleton for an update. It was now nearly a month later and I had received no response! On 27th June 2015 I emailed her again.

And at last……..

It looked like I’d have to be patient for a bit longer!! But hang on, neither Stephen Davies or Suzanne Llewelyn of the Crown Prosecution Service were being investigated so I could be shown their complaints surely? And it would also be very important to know where the decision to obtain the warrants was made. If it was Chief Superintendent Mark Travis alone that would be one thing, but regular Critical Incident Management Meetings (CIMM) we’re being held in respect of this case. I suspected that an important decision, such as obtaining warrants, would have to have been made at one of these meetings, attended by many people…….including Professional Standards. If that were the case, PSD would definitely be investigating themselves. In these circumstances wouldn’t West Mercia Police have a duty to get an independent police force to investigate my concerns?

I responded to DCI Middleton and copied in DS Tony Power (PSD) and Katherine Grasby in the force legal department.

And on 28th June 2018 I spoke to DS Tony Power on the telephone. Because surely he would need to speak to both Jane and I if he was now investigating our complaints/ concerns? But, despite what DCI Middleton had written the day before he, rather abruptly told me that he wouldn’t speak with me because he was not investigating the concerns that I had raised, only that of Jane’s! Now, obviously even more concerned, confused…………………and somewhat annoyed, I again emailed DCI Middleton copying in DCC Blakeman.

And DCI Middleton responded, copying in DCI Rebecca Love and DI Graham Farren. (Both on PSD).

Left hand, right hand!!!

And then an email from Deputy Chief Constable, Amanda Blakeman.

So, hopefully, things would get back on track!

Jane had been informed that a civilian PSD Officer, Gillian FRANCIS was assisting DS Tony Power with his investigation. Jane phoned to speak with her, following which she received this email.

And….Jane wrote back

Because we obviously didn’t know what West Mercia Police had told the IOPC. Giving Jane a copy of her complaint would at least reassure her that the full facts and details had been forwarded. Gillian’s email to Jane states, ‘The application for the warrant and whether appropriate information was supplied to the Magistrates’. Well, that in itself is so wish washy. Why didn’t Gillian say anything about the breach of code B of PACE or serious disclosure issues? Why didn’t Gillian say that there was a potential criminal offence of perverting the course of justice? Why didn’t Gillian say that they had served/ would be serving conduct notices on officers involved…….because of course they would………………wouldn’t they? What do you think?

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One thought on “(61) Simple requests given the runaround

  1. It seems West Mercia Police also specialise in obfuscation when it comes to investigating their own mistakes or wrongdoing. While you were trying to find answers as to why what happened to you happened, others in the force were engaged in a massive track-covering exercise. One hopes that you finally got to see a copy of the full complaint made by wildlife crime defender Stephen Davies and that you found out who was behind the decision to raid your home without a shred of evidence to justify it.

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