(60) Email from DCC Blakeman.

You may remember in blog (58) I wrote to DS Husbands asking for the PSD investigation reports in line with the Home Office Guidance. I also wanted full copies of the actual complaints which I had never been given. I then wrote to DCI Middleton on 2nd May, 2018 as I had been told that she would be forwarding it to me. I received no response. On 29th May I wrote to her again.

Jane also chased up DS Husbands about the concerns she had raised.

On 30th May, 2018 he responded.

On 6th June Jane emailed DS Husbands and DCI Middleton.

So why didn’t they get the ‘independent’ DS Power to take the statement from Jane?

On 1st June, 2018 I had a meeting with DCC Blakeman to discuss my return to work. I had a new Federation Representative, (Fed Rep 3), present as well as DCI Dean Jones and Jonathan Edmondson. Part of the result of that meeting was the following email sent to all police officers and staff in Herefordshire.

Not an apology but the nearest thing I would probably get to one!!!

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One thought on “(60) Email from DCC Blakeman.

  1. When I am out in my street tonight clapping in support of NHS & Care Staff I will secretly add a few claps for Richard, Jane and their family.
    Will I be clapping for some officers who have appeared in these blogs, irrespective of rank, i’m not too sure about that.
    Passed to another AA…. next it will be the RAC and if that fails to get a result then we will send it to the good old reliable Green Flag… get a grip…

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