(27) Meeting with CI Jones

On 24th March 2017 Superintendent Susan Thomas replied to Jane’s email. On 3rd April 2017 Chief Inspector Dean Jones attended my home address to meet with Jane and I. My ‘Fed rep1’ was also present. DS Husbands was supposed to also attend but didn’t turn up! CI Jones started by saying that the absolute shameContinue reading “(27) Meeting with CI Jones”

(22) C I Jones – TCI Roberts

On 23rd January 2017 Wendy Elliot advised me that her enquiries into the misconduct allegation against me were complete and her report was with DS Husbands (PSD) for review. I sent an email to DS Husbands and copied in the email from Superintendent Thomas to my wife, Jane. I wanted to find out if PSDContinue reading “(22) C I Jones – TCI Roberts”

(20) Astonishing discovery

On 11th January 2017 I had attended West Mercia Police HQ with ‘Fed Rep 1’ where, Chief Inspector Jane Francis spoke with me about my grievance. Jo Holding was present as HR Officer & note taker. The meeting lasted a considerable time. Part of my concerns raised were about the ‘meeting’ with Stephen Davies onContinue reading “(20) Astonishing discovery”

(19) Never mistake arrogance for intellect. (D.B. Harrop)

The more I thought about the report from Senior CPS Prosecutor, Stephen Davies, which Wendy Elliot disclosed to me, the more suspicious I became. She obviously didn’t show me the full report, as, when you read it, there is no complaint! But the language he uses within his report and his complete apparent generalisation aboutContinue reading “(19) Never mistake arrogance for intellect. (D.B. Harrop)”