(40) Criminally Interviewed and………… (3rd Conduct Notice)

Malfeasance (Misconduct) in Public Office.

A person who;

1. Whilst carrying out their duties as a public officer

2. wilfully

a. acts in an improper manner, or

b. neglects to perform their duty

3. to such an extent as to amount to an abuse of public trust

4. without reasonable excuse or justification

Just to give you an idea of how serious this criminal offence is regarded, Malfeasance or ‘misconduct’ in a Public Office carries a maximum sentence of Life Imprisonment!!!!

What new information and evidence did West Mercia Police hold to warrant investigating this serious allegation?

On 19th September 2017, DS Husbands, (PSD), sent me the following…

My sergeant also sent me an email….

And I replied….

And on 20th September Jane sent this to DS Nicholas Husbands, (PSD)..

And the response from DS Husbands!!

That may be the case as it was a criminal investigation…..but PSD and in particular, Nicholas Husbands WOULD have been consulted prior to the warrant being obtained. PSD would have almost certainly had to give a green light to the warrant for disclosure purposes in the application.

I attended Kidderminster Police Station. I had spoken to Fed Rep 1 who had the honesty to tell me that he thought he was now ‘out of his depth’ and would have to pass it on to someone with more experience. I was therefore not represented by anyone from the Federation but they had arranged for a solicitor to attend to represent me.

Prior to being interviewed I met DS Nicholas Husbands for the first time. He served me with the following papers for Gross Misconduct!!

If this Gross Misconduct was found against me I would also, of course, definitely lose my job.

But hang on a minute. Hadn’t I already been interviewed, on 5th December 2016, about passing on information to key witnesses, (the Hunt Masters)? And hadn’t I already been interviewed about suspected ‘friendships’ and relationships with the witness group? (Paul Hale- Hunt Master and ‘Andy’ – from the HIT)? And hadn’t I already put all of the answers to these questions in a written statement for court on the same day?

It must have been something else they were going to question me about! I was confused.

Before going into interview the solicitor and I were given written disclosure, a notice around what I was going to be questioned about!!,

And so I went into the interview room. I was interviewed by Detective Inspector Justin TAYLOR and Detective Sergeant Craig Tennant. The interview was recorded and I was cautioned, a caution that I had spoken to others, so many hundreds of times. I couldn’t believe that I was the one now being told those words……and I was the one being criminally interviewed!!

Even though I knew I had done nothing wrong, it still made me feel sick to the pit of my stomach.

But, what we’re they going to ask me about? What new ‘evidence’ or ‘information’ did they have?

Well…..you guessed it, I was asked more or less exactly the same questions as I was asked by DI Martin Taylor on 5th December, 10 months earlier!

And what further evidence or information did they have? Absolutely none.

So they had obtained a warrant and interviewed me, based on information the police had been given 12 months earlier…….and after I had already been interviewed about it!

You’ll remember Code B of Pace that I referred to……………….. 3 Search warrants and production orders. (a) Before making an application. 3.1 When information appears to justify an application, the officer must take reasonable steps to check the information is accurate, recent and not provided maliciously or irresponsibly. An application may not be made on the basis of information from an anonymous source if corroboration has not been sought.

Accurate – hardly. Recent. – I have NEVER know a warrant to be obtained on information that was 12 months old. 12 months is NOT recent. And ‘not provided maliciously or irresponsibly’. What did CI Jones say? ‘Clearly, there is no evidence at all in terms of you having an affair with anybody, and I’d just like to stand here and say that’ and ‘The information that was forthcoming came from a police officer that had heard a community rumour basically”, and ‘I can only speculate as to why such a rumour would be started in the first place but clearly one credible reason would be for an assertion to be raised as to the credibility and impartiality of the investigation/ investigators to the potential benefit of those under investigation’. What did the local PS say who investigated our harrassment? ‘Having spoken to a number of people it was clear that the rumour had been well circulated within the local community but what was also clear was that there was no evidence of any kind to support it’. What did Superintendent Purcell write, ‘That there was no evidence that you had done anything inappropriate during that investigation and there was no evidence of improper relationships with anyone’.

How did DI Justin TAYLOR get a warrant knowing the above? Of course, he would have documented all of the above in the disclosure section of the warrant application form…….wouldn’t he?

You really couldn’t make this up. If this was a fictional story, most police officers wouldn’t give it any credibility and would say, ‘that would never happen in real life’.

I answered all of the questions they asked of me, as I done previously.

And just when I thought I couldn’t get any more disillusioned and despondent, the CID officers told me that at the same time the warrants were being served on our house, they also served a simultaneous warrant on the home address of ‘Andy’ from the Hunt Investigation Team! (The victim in the case).

Yes, just when you thought they couldn’t stoop any lower, a warrant was served on the address of a victim of crime, a victim who had previously had NO faith in the police or Judicial system, a victim to whom I had promised that a fair, transparent and impartial investigation would take place, a victim who had, against her better judgement, placed her trust in our organisation, a victim who we could have made a real difference to.

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10 thoughts on “(40) Criminally Interviewed and………… (3rd Conduct Notice)

  1. I think many readers are hoping for the point where justice prevails and sanity on the part of West Mercia Police is restored, but this just gets worse and worse and is really quite harrowing to read.
    If the mainstream media won’t touch it – perhaps because they too are impacted by pro-hunting sympathisers and fanatics – then a documentary producer or a film maker who deals with social justice issues needs to be made aware of this story.

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  2. Don’t worry LD Smith; It does get worse but be sure that justice, common sense, and Richard’s tenacity and courage will win in the end. There certainly are some investigating officers who should be criminally interviewed – Are you following this Mr Bangham?

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  3. It is just getting worse. Why is this not in the media? To be honest Richard, you should be releasing this as a book.

    Another thing… Isn’t it odd how they’re referring to HIT as Anti Hunt Investigation Team in the letter. This is incorrect? Why the anti? I for one know the hunt community live the word anti.

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    1. Thankyou, yes I thought the wording he used to describe the victims held a negative connotation and wondered where that came from! I forgot to mention it but will edit the blog. I do hope that this story will get out into the media. They should have no worries as to it’s fact as I had the foresight to keep just about every document and I hope you agree that the evidence is unequivocal.
      I want this, not for sensationalism or for any ‘glory’, (for want of a better word), but to actually get things changed so that people can start having faith in our judicial system. It’s that simple.


  4. It beggars belief that this circus continues. West Mercia run by a bunch of clowns. It is interesting to see what evidence was provided to obtain the warrants and to what end the investigating officers lied in order to obtain them. In light of the fact they have run roughshod over correct procedure in order to obtain the warrants then surely they too should be interviewed under caution as to the malfeasance in a public office. I feel so annoyed and embarrassed on behalf of all the decent serving and retired (me included) officers that these people wear the same uniform.

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  5. There is not a Crime Writer in this universe who could be wacky and clever enough to make a story like this. Science Fiction could not overshadow what is contained in most of the emails that have been posted here. This sad sad wrong doing to this family is WRONG WRONG WRONG and needs to STOP STOP STOP.
    Who in their right mind could read this and still feel that no injustice has been done? Is the String Puller so aloof and untouchable that he or she thinks that this will go away?

    As an aside, I have in my family 4 male cousins and 1 brother in law all of whom were serving police officers. I would like to think that in their early years of life that they were taught the difference between right and wrong, it’s not that difficult. I also hope that they brought those values into their professional lives and i’d be gutted if they conducted themselves in the manner of some of the officers who were involved in this case.
    It is people like PC Barradale-Smith and his wife Jane who have had the courage to stand by their convictions…… once again please please remember…… They Are The VICTIMS.

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  6. I think the use of the term “Anti” in the search warrant and elsewhere, in relation to the Hunt Investigation Team, is very illuminating. “Anti” is generally used as a pejorative term by the hunting community, so it really is quite revealing to see that it crept into the language used by the officers involved. Impartiality, which should be the backbone of the Police Service and the Crown Prosecution Service, would seem to have been abandoned by representatives of both services in this case.

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  7. Another thought on the warrants. What do you think are the chances of putting on trial the huntsman who fed the fox cubs to the hounds? Have West Mercia Police any intention of prosecuting the huntsman after executing a search warrant on the home of the main witness? Isn’t this an overt and blatant statement of intent by west Mercia Police and the completely unbiased Crown Prosecutions Department??????

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  8. reading this, I am seething as it is again striking all the chords with me. Richard, I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to link it to my own situation again as there are such incredible parallels. We also were raided by the police on flimsy grounds. After two years of investigation the CPS said there was no case to answer which is exactly as it should be. By then I was in dispute with my two business partners as I had found out they were ripping me off and ripping the business off. The police came back and said they would drop the case against my two business partners but still wanted to pursue me and one other colleague. They had no new information. After two more years they had frozen our assets, were pursuing us under POCA and hit us with the hardest charge they could – conspiracy to defraud. If we had lost my family would have lost everything. As the police had lied, distorted facts, made wild assumptions I felt it was a gamble to go in front of jury and pleaded guilty to a minor offence (of which I also wasn’t guilty). We found out later my business partners were witnesses for the prosecution but this hadn’t been disclosed. I am 100% confident that there was collusion between my partners and the police. My partners wanted me finished and sent down to get me out of the way. The police wanted something for their targets and to justify their over the top actions. Like you, I also went to the IPCC – absolute waste of time. And people have also said to me ‘you couldn’t make it up. You should write it up.’ I keep telling myself I will write the story of the development of our sport and the police stuff would be a key part of it. I’ve never even had a parking ticket, for goodness sake and this experience of dealing with the police killed any respect I might have had for them. Having gone through all this, when I read your blog I know exactly how you and your wife were feeling and my heart goes out to you. You also inspire me – I started writing the book. I’m really going to have to get off my backside and crack on with it … Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is compulsive reading

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