(45) Connections with NFU Mutual

Let me introduce you to some of the team.
The boss.
PC Christine Watkin’s husband, and business partner of Matthew Price.
Alex Price. Wife of Matthew (as above). Joint Master of the South Hereford Hunt, and suspect in the Operation Childer case at the time PC Christine Watkins ‘diligently’ reported the alleged affair

But were there any other links between NFU Mutual at Ross on Wye and The South Hereford Hunt?

Well…………they sponsored them!!!!!

And any links between PC Christine Watkins and the suspect, Alex Price? Well, they were friends on social media. Good friends by the look of it!

PC Christine Watkins and Alex Price at a social event.

And so, I will leave you to draw your own conclusions as to why you think that Christine Watkins reported that one of the victims in the Operation Childer animal cruelty case, ‘Andy’, was having an affair with a police officer!

Remember what Code B of Pace states in relation to obtaining the warrant.

3 Search warrants and production orders. (a) Before making an application. 3.1 When information appears to justify an application, the officer must take reasonable steps to check the information is accurate, recent and not provided maliciously or irresponsibly. An application may not be made on the basis of information from an anonymous source if corroboration has not been sought

3A The identity of an informant need not be disclosed when making an application, but the officer should be prepared to answer any questions the magistrate or judge may have about; The accuracy of previous information from that source, and. any other related matters.

And so, DI Justin TAYLOR would have disclosed all of the above information to the Magistrate when applying for the warrant, wouldn’t he? It would have been his duty to.

And of course, at the time of reporting this affair, PC Watkins would have fully disclosed her relationship with the suspect and her connections with the South Hereford Hunt……………wouldn’t she? And if she didn’t, you might think that she would be investigated for attempting to pervert the course of justice………….wouldn’t you?

But it still didn’t make sense. Why on earth would the police have given this information any credibility whatsoever, given where it came from?

Well……….this may help answer that question…………………………..

Ground breaking partnership.

This might well also explain the last paragraph of chapter 2, (why the local hunt monitors were refused permission to set up a ‘Watch Scheme’).

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “(45) Connections with NFU Mutual

  1. It is now not difficult to understand what happened in this case. It is also not difficult to see how the same behind-the-scenes relationships influence policing and enforcement of the Hunting Act all around the country. For example, you might ask why one force in the south-west, where hunting with dogs is rife and many, many allegations of criminal offences have been made, has never prosecuted anyone for an offence under the Hunting Act 2004. Not one!

    There have been similar hunting cases investigated by West Mercia Police that have not proceeded, despite compelling evidence. Was the same prosecutor involved? I know of another now-retired West Mercia police officer who diligently investigated allegations of illegal hunting, only to be met with the standard ‘insufficient evidence’ decision from the CPS. It stinks.

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  2. Yeah this really needs to be in the national press.. The whole thing stinks. These people were determined to sink the case at whatever cost – potentially destroying people’s lives and careers. It’s absolutely disgusting. Like Steve Harris says, this is only the tip of the ice berg.

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  3. It will be very interesting to see if anyone in authority steps in and either supports what has been reported on here OR to deny what has been posted. Irrespective of that my crystal ball tells me that some individuals must be feeling very twitchy at the moment and dreading the next post.

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