(46) Preparation for my Misconduct meeting

We are nearly at 60000 hits now on this site which is more than I could ever have imagined. Many thanks to you all for your kind words of support which has helped me on this journey. But let’s also remind ourselves of what this was about. Fox cubs being thrown alive, to a pack of hounds in the name of ‘sport’ or ‘leisure’. A series of cruel and horrific events which had taken place 18 months earlier and still, no charges had been brought!

(Before I continue, just to let you know I have added information in respect of Stephen Davies to blog 44 which I had previously omitted).

In respect of my Subject Access request to get a copy of the warrant application, they weren’t going to make it easy for me. (And couldn’t even get my name right, even though I worked for them)!

Why on earth couldn’t I be sent a copy of the warrant application? How would me being in possession of this frustrate the investigation into me? It made no sense. Once again demonstrating how West Mercia Police are not transparent, open and honest! OK, I’d have to wait. I hope they weren’t thinking I might forget about it.

Not being one to be scared off by bullies in any organisation, I sent this Freedom of Information request to the Crown Prosecution Service.

At 10am on 15th November I went to West Mercia Police HQ where I had a long meeting with Chief Constable Anthony Bangham. He didn’t say too much but he listened. I made sure he knew everything that had happened during this investigation. As previously stated, I didn’t want him to later have an opportunity to say he wasn’t aware of what had taken place. The only thing that he promised is that I would receive answers to all of my concerns. Would I?

And, anyway, where had I got to? Yes, the misconduct papers I had been served. On 14th November I sent the following email to DS Nicholas Husbands.

And his response……….

Jane wrote to Chief Constable Anthony Bangham……..

And I finally received a letter from DI Justin TAYLOR about the criminal investigation into me…………….

Insufficient evidence? No evidence

But, what would be the outcome of the misconduct meeting on 6th December with Superintendent Long?

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3 thoughts on “(46) Preparation for my Misconduct meeting

  1. I wonder if all of CPS are as bent and bigoted as Steven Davies. He certainly is not much of an advertisement for them. He appears to be about as unbiased as the klu klux klan when it’s a choice between the pro’s and the anti’s. in the fox hunting world. Were the likes of Martin Taylor afraid of him or is the bias also entrenched throughout West Mercia Police?

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  2. Richard, it is only the fact that I believe it ends well for you that’s keeping me reading your posts. I feel sick to the stomach with the way you as a Police Officer were treated. It is so wrong.

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