(54) Please accept my sincerest apologies

Robert Frost

I want to give you all another very big thank you for sticking with my blog.

I also want to apologise for making you read the same account over and over again. I know, it’s probably been painful and arduous at times.

And this is what it felt like for me during the previous 14 months up until this point, having to repeat myself over and over again in the apparently futile hope that someone would stand up and listen.

It was now nearly 20 months since I was brought the two dead fox cubs and the police were apparently nowhere nearer to charging anyone in relation to the animal cruelty.

The police had evidently been more concerned with, and had spent far more time investigating the victims in the case and me, as the original investigating officer.

I hope you will agree that my family and I, along with the victims in the case, had already been made to suffer in such a disproportionate way, given all of the circumstances, that could never possibly be justified by the police or the Crown Prosecution Service.

But I was not going to give up seeking answers. I was not going to be bullied into silence.

As well as writing to the court and to Public Concern at Work, I also sent copies of the warrants and the warrants application form, with my concerns to The Professional Standards Department in West Mercia Police. Did they know that the disclosure section had been ignored?

On 19th January 2018 DS Nicholas Husbands sent me this email to confirm he had received them.

And on 22/01/18 he sent this in respect of my appeal to the finding of Misconduct.

And I responded………..

I thought I’d chase things up with the ForceLegal Department in respect of my status as a whistleblower! On 29/01/18 I sent the following email to them.

So, interesting remit from the force legal team bearing in mind I am an employee! Are they there to advice on what is right and just or are they just there to try to prevent the force being sued?

On 16/0218 I sent this email to Chief Inspector Dean Jones

I had copied DS Husbands into the email and he responded…….

And a further response from Chief Inspector Dean Jones!!


Frustrated at not really getting any meaningful responses, on 6th March 2018 I emailed DCI Anna Middleton, Professional Standards Department.

And her response…….

There was obviously a lot of meetings going on with the force legal department. An awful lot of discussions about what had taken place and how that was going to be explained! But was the route West Mercia Police were going to take, transparent, open and honest? Well…..let’s see!

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4 thoughts on “(54) Please accept my sincerest apologies

  1. I don’t know how you survived this seemingly endless procrastination – I’d have lost it completely by now, had I been in your position. I’m so glad you kept putting the pressure back on them and I can hardly wait to hear how this concluded, if indeed it has. The endless delays, of course, also led to applications in court to have the animal cruelty charges dismissed for being out of time. Fortunately, the defence team came up against a District Judge who had a backbone and I was glad to see the faces on those disgusting people when the judge ruled against them.

    I hope you and your wife are now well, after everything you have been through.

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  2. Just to say thank you for these posts which, as they tell this gripping, unfolding story, are revealing, shocking and important. Thanks too for the Robert Frost quote which is now my desktop!

    Best regards,

    Christopher Frederick Somerset


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  3. West Mercia Police, having adopted this very dangerous “Them and Us”policy could not possibly alter course, and Pc Barradale Smith had to be stopped. There was no backing down after Mr Stephen Davis’sI infamous comments about “these people”. I have no doubt that most officers would not resort to absolute criminality, but the instructions would have been to “blur the image” and make this nuisance disappear. But it wasn’t going to!

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