(55) The meeting with Jane.

So…………..where was I? ………………..

On 7th March, Jane sent an email to DS Nicholas Husbands, copying in his boss, DCI Middleton. Jane was as determined as me to get answers about what had happened. And this was a reasonable request. And West Mercia would want to be seen to be honest, open and transparent…………..if they had nothing to hide.

And DS Husband’s response…….

Attempt at back peddling?

But, hang on a minute. What’s this? DS Husbands wrote, ‘It wouldn’t be good process to investigate the actions of the police until the CPS decision has been made’!…….…………………..PSD didn’t ‘hold back’ their investigations into me (for the previous 15 months) while a charging decision was being made! This was nonsense……….Oh no, wait, sorry…..It was different……..they would be investigating senior officers, wouldn’t they!

And arrangements were made for DS Husbands and DCI Middleton to see Jane at our home address on 14/03/18.

Meanwhile……I had been in contact with DCI Middleton who had asked me if I would mind if a Chief Superintendent from Warwickshire Police holding my Misconduct Appeal Meeting.

We also talked about the protected disclosure I had made, (which she had been considering). DCI Middleton said that she was not sure that I was able to make a protected disclosure about someone who was not employed by West Mercia Police!

And on 14th March 2018 DCI Anna Middleton and DS Nicholas Husbands attended our home address to meet with Jane. DCI Middleton seemed to be extremely helpful and wanted to find out everything that had gone on. She reassured Jane that our concerns raised, including the validity of the warrant, would be addressed.

And again, their seemed to be a glimmer of hope that there was someone else who, like us, thought that there was something very wrong with what had happened.

And……..someone who, being second in charge of Professional Standards Department, would be in a position to do something about it.

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