(56) Response to my Appeal to Management Action

And finally on 16th March 2018, 10 months after having been served the notice for Gross Misconduct for contacting the Crown Prosecution Service with a public interest concern, I received the following……………….

So, Deputy Chief Constable Amanda Blakeman was satisfied that there were arguable grounds for appealing Superintendent Richard Long’s finding of Misconduct against me. Things were looking up!

And DCI Middleton’s report about the ‘Management Action’………..

Yes, things appeared to be really looking up!

I’m sure you will agree, a very clear and fair report by a well articulated and concise author.

The type of report we would all expect from any member of Professional Standards, having carefully considered all of the information and evidence available.

But this senior officer was new in Professional Standards. She states in the report, ‘ I do not propose to comment on the detail of the criminal investigation, and this will be subject of a more detailed review in due course’.

Would DCI Middleton be allowed to scrutinise and fairly review the actions of other senior police officers and that of her PSD officers and staff?

Well, that remained to be seen………..

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2 thoughts on “(56) Response to my Appeal to Management Action

  1. At last a senior officer with some perspective, integrity and intelligence. Well done to DCI Anna Middleton. Is it the clear light of day we can see at the end of the tunnel or another train coming. We shall see…

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  2. Her conclusion…“Was unreasonable in all of the circumstances”…..
    wow, someone with balls…. hopefully they are not castrated from on high

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