(59) Jane’s statement.

Good afternoon. I hope you are all well and keeping safe. Apologies for the break but it’s been a busy few weeks with one thing and another!

So, where were we? DS Husbands was being allowed to investigate himself by the IOPC. How was that going to work?

Following the above press releases, on 11th May 2018 Jane wrote to the Chief Constable and the Duluth Chief Constable.

‘the situation you have both found yourselves in’!!

And Jane wrote to PSD to ask about West Mercia Police’s response in the article in the Telegraph.

‘Please keep it confidential’! It was in the Telegraph!

And so on 16th May, 2018 Detective Sergeant Nicholas Husbands attended our address once more and he took the following statement from Jane. This statement would form the basis from which he and others on Professional Standards would investigate Jane’s concerns. When you read the statement, remember that Jane did not write it, DS Husbands, an experienced detective did, while speaking with Jane. Jane had no knowledge of the detail and clarity that needs to be in a statement. The truth was that PSD and DS Husbands already had all of the detail they needed to complete the statement and investigate. I had given it to them. But of course…………………I couldn’t make the complaint! And so it would have been incumbent upon DS Husbands to detail Jane’s concerns raised over the previous one and a half years meticulously in order for a professional investigation to take place. Well……this is what he wrote!


The quality of this statement was nothing more than shocking. Never mind the dreadful grammar and spelling, it lacked any detail, continuity or context. It lacked EVIDENCE!!

So, how do you think this non-impartial investigation was going to turn out?

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4 thoughts on “(59) Jane’s statement.

  1. Glad to know you’re still safe and well Richard, what with one thing and another…
    Was a bit worried when all went quiet that we would never get to hear the end of this debacle.
    Having read your latest entry, it seems that not only did West Mercia Police allow you to be subjected a protracted campaign of victimisation based on malicious and defamatory falsehoods, but DS Husbands also proceeded to slander your wife Jane by submitting the above statement in her name! Like you said, it is barely literate and the tone and disjointed narrative trivialises the injustice at the heart of this story and the impact it has had on you and your family.
    Makes you wonder whether DS Husbands did this deliberately to try to undermine Jane’s complaint, or whether the ‘roomers’ about him are true!

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  2. Richard when you and I joined the Police, officers were expected to have higher than average standards of education. Reading and writing were obviously a huge part of our roles. It beggars belief that someone with such a poor grasp of literacy skills is a DS. The spelling is atrocious. “Roomers” for Gods sake? In addition statement taking is vitally important, a well written statement is paramount. It has to include precise detail covering the salient facts. DS Husbands statement has the quality of a complete rookie, surely he has attended courses as part of his role in CID. Poor does not cover this. This is atrocious.

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  3. Unbelievable. While I have never been a police officer I was an investigator with a public utility. If I or any of my team had turned in a statement like this we would have been moved out of Revenue Protection and onto general duties!

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  4. Surely it would have been better if the ACC had of written something like this,

    Dear Mrs Barradale Smith,
    Please accept my sincere personal apology together with a heartfelt apology on behalf of West Mercia Police and the Police and Crime Commissionaire for the trauma that you and your husband Richard have suffered over the past 18 months. Richard has been cleared of all charges that he has faced and I am proud to have him on my team. The welfare of my officers and their families is important to myself and the Force and I will be making enquiries to what I consider shortcomings in how you, your family and Richard were treated by our Welfare and Occupational Health teams. As you are aware the Fox Cub incident has become National news and has attracted a great deal of public interest. I have instigated an investigation into how some of my other officers and departments have conducted themselves and this will be done by an independent Force. Let me reassure you and your family that Richard will not feature in this investigation as it has already been proven time and time again that he is innocent of any wrongdoing.
    I would like to meet you, face to face, at the earliest to convey all of the above and I further assure you that you will receive a full explanation of my current investigation.

    Sincerely yours,


    For God’s sake, these people are Victims and should have been treated as such….. how long do they need to wait to receive an apology

    Please keep looking after each other and stay safe.


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