(37) Danger to the Organisation

Police officers are not allowed to make complaints, therefore the only recourse they have when things go wrong, is through the grievance procedure and so you would hope it is fit for purpose ensuring that people are confident in using it. Any police officers out there feeling confident, having read this? No, no, I didn’tContinue reading “(37) Danger to the Organisation”

(36) Time to complain.

We just didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Jane wanted to make a complaint so that the whole saga could be looked at properly. She sent the following to Professional Standards on behalf of us both to complain as victims of crime. We received an automated response….. And waited for a month, but….nothing……. And……..nothing…… AndContinue reading “(36) Time to complain.”

(35) My ‘welfare meeting’

And so, at 1200 hours on Wednesday 5th July, 2017, I went to this meeting, a meeting that Superintendent THOMAS had written was very much to support me in my welfare……….. The meeting was with Superintendent Sue THOMAS and Jonathan Edmondson. Sue THOMAS said, ‘You haven’t met Jonathan before so let me just put intoContinue reading “(35) My ‘welfare meeting’”

(33) Proportionate and Impartial!

So, let’s put this notice for Gross Misconduct into some sort of perspective. At around the same time as I started dealing with this animal cruelty case, I was also responsible for looking after various ‘Risk Management Plans’ for people in our area. One of these was for a woman and her children who wereContinue reading “(33) Proportionate and Impartial!”

(32) Response to the Gross Misconduct

I hope you are getting a feel of how West Mercia Police regard the mental health and welfare of their junior officers as well as how they deal with whistle blowing. They are extremely good at portraying to everyone how they care and spend lots of money on impressive posters. Sadly, this is nothing moreContinue reading “(32) Response to the Gross Misconduct”

(31) Gross Misconduct. (2nd Conduct Notice)

Following on from blog 25, my numerous failed attempts at raising concerns about Public Prosecutor, Stephen Davies. If you remember, Stephen DAVIES’S boss, Suzanne Llewelyn, said she was going to ‘discuss’ my concerns with the Assistant Chief Constable of West Mercia Police. Well, it seems like she didn’t want to discuss my concerns at all,Continue reading “(31) Gross Misconduct. (2nd Conduct Notice)”

(30) My Grievance Appeal Meeting.

On 4th May 2017 I attended my Grievance Appeal Meeting at Worcester Police Station, accompanied by Fed Rep 1. Superintendent Kevin Purcell was holding this meeting, having considered my appeal. Superintendent Purcell said that he had read my appeal, gone through it all, spoken to HR and he’d come up with this. I think youContinue reading “(30) My Grievance Appeal Meeting.”

(29) Result of our Harassment Crime

So, my Grievance Appeal submitted, I just wanted to chase up information about my Misconduct.(which had been discontinued). Re the email I sent to my sergeant on 21st March…… Great, starting to look like we were getting somewhere and transparency would be provided!! Jane contacted the sergeant conducting our harassment crime investigation…. Jane also sentContinue reading “(29) Result of our Harassment Crime”